Article | May 28, 2019

Vetting Your Vendor: A Reputation For Success

Source: TrialScope

Not all vendors are created equally, especially when it comes to clinical trial disclosure and transparency (D&T). As with any vendor, you should look at more than just the price tag. Do your research. How long has the vendor been in business? What does its client roster look like? What kind of  reputation does it have in the industry?

While we can’t vouch for other vendors, we can speak to our own story, our own successes (and those of our customers). TrialScope was founded in 2012, and it’s no secret that TrialScope Dislcose is the most widely used clinical trial disclosure software today.

The numbers speak for themselves. In fact, 13 of the top 15 industry sponsors rely on our products. Our products help more than 12,000 users manage 30,000-plus trials on our platform. And our customers represent 40 percent of all studies registered on