20 Years Of Oncology Research

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Oncology has always been the priority therapeutic area for Cmed. The company originated as a data firm, when our first employees were dedicated to oncology projects and over the following 20 years we have grown significantly into a full service global CRO specialising in oncology.

This journey has had many milestones:

  • In 2001, we worked with a top pharma sponsor to support them with a 1000-patient oncology study, that later led to FDA approval for a highly successful leukemia treatment.
  • With the increased use of Cell and Gene Therapies, Cmed worked on its first ATIMP Oncology study in 2007.
  • In 2010, a program of oncology studies went through FDA, EMA and PMDA inspections with no findings for Cmed.
  • encapsia, the clinical data suite from Cmed Technology, made its industry debut in 2016 on an oncology study, as part of our long running collaboration with an ATIMP biotech.
  • In 2016, we delivered our largest TFL package of 21,000 pages for an oncology study
  • In 2019, we locked a 12 year study with a top pharma company for another leukemia treatment which has become a standard of care and is now approved in over 122 countries. The study involved over 800 randomized patients and 215 centres in 35 countries.
  • We are currently working on a 15,000 patient registry study. Leveraging our team experience, our technology and our approach to projects, we are set to manage the complexity of a pan cancer registry including genomics data.
  • This year, we locked our 109th oncology study and we are now conducting our 156th study
  • Every year, we provide deliveries for the ASCO and ASH conferences.
  • We deliver several sets of data reports for SRC/IDMC every single month
  • Along our journey, we have collaborated with over 3,700 oncology sites involving 35,000 patients

As Cmed enters its third decade of managing oncology clinical trials, the company is firmly established as a market leader in the provision of world-class clinical and technology services.

Cmed’s goal has always been and remains to deliver better clinical trials. This year’s dramatic impacts of COVID-19 on all society highlight the responsibility we hold to avoid delays to clinical research. By using our experience and flexible processes we have been able to navigate problems related to lockdowns and 92% of our studies since the pandemic began have been delivered on or ahead of schedule.

On our road ahead, we will continue to deliver smart trials based on the use of analytics, remote practices and active collaboration. We will use our blend of skills to help sponsors find more treatments for patients with cancer.

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