YPrime eCOA Platform For High Quality Patient Data

Source: YPrime

YPrime’s eCOA platform features an exceptional user experience for sponsors, investigator sites, and patients. This advanced technology enhances clinical trial efficiency, increases site satisfaction, and improves patient compliance. YPrime’s eCOA platform ensures the delivery of cleaner data, streamlining the clinical trial data collection and approval process. Our platform delivers even the most complex protocol seamlessly. Developed to integrate intelligently with your other technologies, all modalities are available for site- or home-based trials.

Benefits of YPrime’s eCOA Platform

YPrime’s eCOA platform features a straightforward design that helps patients stay engaged and remain compliant. Sites can move between devices and enter data with greater precision and efficiency, producing better quality data while adhering to timelines and budgets. Real-time data access enhances project control for sponsors and empowers their decision making. The platform offers superior processing power and advanced security protections with the safety net of an industry-leading web backup solution.

Multiple Modalities Provide User Choice

Site-based solutions include lightweight and easy-to-handle tablets that are exclusively designed for eCOA data collection, with the flexibility to allow sites to access multiple studies on the same device. Single sign-on technology eliminates multiple system logins. Intelligent sync allows site users to move between devices without the risk of missing or duplicating data and ensures all site-based devices stay consistent. This feature replaces the traditional need to assign individual patients to specific devices at the site level.

YPrime provisioned devices have been strategically chosen for performance, security, lifecycle, and supply chain stability; and the clinical development team can be assured of continuous, high-quality data throughout the life of the study, even long term. YPrime devices are purpose-built for eCOA and are pre-loaded with the eCOA app and no other software, maximizing battery life and operating speed.

YPrime’s web-based backup solutions provide continuous data collection in the rare event of device malfunction, loss or when patients cannot travel to investigator sites. Web-based solutions provide access to site-based electronic patient-reported outcome (ePRO) assessments, clinician-reported outcome (ClinRO) assessments, and field-based assessments for patients to complete assessments in the event of device loss or malfunction.