YPrime IRT Solutions To Help You Decipher The Complex

Source: YPrime
YPrime IRT

Better decipher clinical trial complexity with YPrime—delivering IRT solutions that anticipate the ever-evolving needs of the clinical development industry.

YPrime’s Robust IRT Platform

  • Helps simplify, standardize and transform patient randomization and clinical supply management processes.
  • Integrates with EDC, ePRO, CTMS, and other data systems allowing our clients to continue to make the most of their current investments in systems and relationships.
  • Is configurable and customizable, leading to some of the fastest start-up timelines and speed of build in the industry.
  • Accommodates simple early phase studies through late-stage trials with complex protocol requirements, direct-to-patient strategies, and clinical supplies only requirements.

Configurable and Customizable

The industry typically thinks configurable IRT means fast, but inflexible with limited functionality, while customizable IRT suggests costly and slow development, but ultimately tailored to the protocol. At YPrime, we have combined the two approaches for maximum benefits. Comprehensive configuration handles most IRT functions, while ensuring a consistent user experience. Customization is always available to support unique, protocol-specific requirements of today’s complex clinical trial design.

Flexible Solutions to Support Multiple Needs

YPrime’s highly flexible IRT platform supports multiple protocols, patient populations, and supply strategies that characterize master protocol studies.

YPrime offers a fully featured yet simplified IRT platform for early phase studies that is cost-effective and configurable, so that you can rapidly implement and realize the full benefits of this technology.

Our status-driven IRT solution provides superior flexibility in a configurable model to meet the unique demands of patient randomization and clinical trial supply management in direct-to-patient clinical trials. At the end of the lifecycle, we ensure there is a clear history of when materials are moved from one status to another—allocated to the patient, returned to site (or pharmacy or depot), ready for reconciliation, reconciled.

YPrime’s supply-only IRT solution helps clinical supply teams reduce risk and optimize their clinical supply strategy while managing their clinical supplies in an efficient and cost-effective way. Sponsors often find they can save more than the entire cost of the IRT system and services by using this technology to optimize the balance between costs for packaging and shipping (initial supply and resupply).