4G Clinical is driven by a single purpose: bring crucial medicines to those who need them, faster. 4G Clinical believes that the way to accelerate clinical research is by disrupting the way trials are executed.

We are committed to helping sponsors and CROs follow the science, wherever it may lead, as quickly and as safely as we can. While we will not discover the next novel compound in the lab, we are doing our part by leveraging our extensive experience and technological innovations to bring speed and agility to clinical trials.

That’s why we have revolutionized RTSM (randomization and trial supply management) and supply optimization capabilities and services from the ground up. It is our responsibility to facilitate the creativity of scientific research to develop investigational drugs. Our best-in-class solutions, Prancer RTSM® and 4C Supply®, are driven by modern technology to bring the speed and flexibility needed to deploy today's clinical trials and the adaptability to scale alongside your study. For more information visit 4gclinical.com.


  • Prancer RTSM Inventory Platform provides transparency into how much drug will be needed to support ISTs so you can balance a high volume of requests in relation to your ongoing study demand.

  • Prancer RTSM® Lite is an efficient, affordable and less error prone way to manage trials that would have otherwise been managed through Excel or on paper.

  • 4C Supply® is a cutting-edge clinical supply optimization software that allows supply managers to modify supply models as frequently as needed, with full transparency into inputs and a direct correlation to its outputs. 

  • Explore how Prancer RTSM utilizes natural language processing (NLP) and integrated supply forecasting to address the rising complexities and challenges of clinical trials.


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