Medidata Acorn AI is a Medidata company that represents the next horizon of the industry leader’s 20-year mission of powering smarter treatments and healthier people. Acorn AI is designed to make data liquid across the entire lifecycle and to answer the most important questions in R&D and commercialization for customers. Built upon the Medidata platform comprising more than 20,000 trials and 5 million patients, Acorn AI products feature one of the industry’s largest structured, standardized clinical trial data repository connected with real world, translational and other datasets.


Medidata Acorn AI

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  • Discover how Medicenna leveraged Synthetic Control Arm to bolster Phase 2 findings and gain FDA approval to design a hybrid external control arm for their Phase 3 registrational trial.


  • As COVID-19 emerged around the globe, sponsors had to react quickly. Read about the added complexity of managing R&D during COVID, and the de-prioritization of other indications while resources were diverted to work on COVID therapies.

  • The path from study design to approval is long, winding, and expensive. This white paper explores how researchers are using artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to speed up the process, reduce costs, and get effective treatments more swiftly to those who need them. And they’re tapping into an underused but rapidly growing resource: data on patients from past trials. Learn how researchers are using analytics and existing patient data to ease recruitment, reduce costs, and accelerate timelines.

  • Without an engaged patient, a clinical trial cannot do its essential work. It is also important that we remember that clinical trial participants are people; they aren’t just the data we collect. We put the patient experience at the center of clinical trial design.

  • Even before the pandemic hit, clinical trials were beset by high failure rates due to poor site performance, recruitment and data quality issues. As the business begins to dig itself out of a pandemic-led slump, sponsors need to know, now more than ever, where to find high performing sites and how to ensure that their enrollment and data collection efforts are on target.

  • Gaining insights to win more bids and stand out from the competition is imperative for CROs. Securing and expanding their sponsors and studies ecosystem determines how they will outperform the competition. Discover how to improve study success rates, optimize study design, accelerate enrollment, monitor performance against similar trials and uncover issues for early remediation.

  • With increasing pressure to deliver drugs to market faster and at lower cost, enterprise sponsors are in a race to derive better insights from data and analytics. Discover how to improve study success rates, optimize study design, accelerate enrollment, monitor performance against similar trials and uncover issues for early remediation.

  • This white paper discusses the concept of the Synthetic Control Arm® (SCA®), which is a type of external control that is generated using patient-level data from patients external to the trial with the goal of improving the interpretation of uncontrolled trials, which can enable better product development decisions. A series of case studies are provided to highlight the different ways a SCA has been used.

  • Real world evidence and pooled clinical trial data are becoming increasingly available, linkable and minable to find valuable insights quickly. As we evolve into a new era of data integration, biopharma companies stand to benefit enormously from bridging the experimental and post launch worlds of clinical data to support the entire product lifecycle. 

  • Biopharma organizations are under increasing pressure to effectively leverage an expanding set of research, clinical, operational, and real world data (RWD) to accelerate their trials and improve their chances of successfully launching new drugs. Accessing fit-for-purpose data sources, standardizing and integrating datasets, deriving actionable insights, scalability, and change management are major challenges along the way. In this eBook, discover how to improve study success rates, optimize study design, accelerate enrollment, monitor performance against similar trials, and uncover issues for early remediation with Intelligent Trials.

  • Clinical trials are getting increasingly complex, challenging their very planning and execution. To meet these challenges, AI-enabled technologies and advanced analytics become a true necessity. In this eBook, explore intelligent trials use cases for enterprise sponsors, mid-sized/emerging sponsors, and CROs. Whether you’re managing a portfolio or looking to ensure the success of a single trial, our unique data, advanced analytics, and resulting insights can help every trial achieve its full potential.