Utilizing its DataFit Platform™, the Ciox Real World Data division (Ciox RWD) securely and consistently curates disparate data sets to enable researchers to access valuable clinical information that may otherwise be hidden in or across different parts of workflow systems that house medical records.  The Ciox DataFit Platform™ utilizes clinical rules-based medical concept translation with unstructured data sets to build highly structured clinical data that can be used by researchers to advance care for patients. Learn more at www.cioxrwd.com.


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Contact: Eric Meadows, VP, Scientific Development


  • With expanding support from the FDA, the use of routinely collected clinical data at the point of care — Real-World Data — is becoming a promising tool for research teams. The interest in real-world data has skyrocketed but knowing when and how to use has been an adoption hurdle for the industry. This blog explore three use cases particularly appropriate for real-world data: synthetic or external comparators (SCA/ECA) to replace or augment standard controls; precision registries for adaptive trial design; and clinical trial site feasibility to improve patient enrollment and recruitment.

  • The platform developed through this partnership will surface key insights from medical records-based real-world data while maintaining data privacy, including COVID-19 vaccine trials

  • Only five percent of available medical data available and usable to researchers. Imagine how quickly medical research and healthcare practice could advance if with a little innovation we had access to all of the data? Real innovation takes real hard work - it's not a product of solitary genius.

  • Massive quantities of data do not automatically equate to having meaningful answers—especially when considering the length and complexity of medical records. With biomedical natural language processing, we can get to a higher level of detail about a patient’s medical journey.

  • Innovation in the area of oncology has taken off at a historic pace. Private industry and the FDA are relying more on big data, specifically multi-source, point-of-care, real-world data (RWD) to power clinical and economic real-world evidence (RWE) outcomes. We are experiencing more powerful, streamlined ways to bring innovations and advances to patients who need them at the point of care.

  • Ciox, a leading health technology company, today announces Tal Rosenberg as President, Real World Data (RWD). A 25-year veteran in creating new value ecosystems and markets at the intersection of Life Sciences and Information Technology, Rosenberg has held various senior leadership roles within technology organizations.

  • The COVID-19 experience has laid bare the inefficiencies in U.S. and global healthcare systems. We need innovation. Innovation is about transformation and having the courage to change what isn’t working. Our ability to provide effective solutions depends on the availability of relevant data to drive this change. Our future may yet rest in our ability to unlock RWD-driven insights faster, in pursuit of better care and more effective cures.

  • With the resurgent spread of COVID-19 through American communities nationwide comes an explosion of COVID-19 data as a byproduct; real-world data (RWD) necessary and useful to accelerate containment, tracing, and treatment solutions. But to access the intelligence within the data, our industry must step up in the proliferation of innovative data-driven solutions.

  • The projected costs of healthcare in the United States due to the novel coronavirus, or Sars-COV-19 (COVID-19), are eye-opening. One critical question is the extent to which digital technologies can be useful in informing our understanding of what works in health care delivery and what does not. Access to more complete data is crucial to empower a diverse range of stakeholders with the knowledge and ammunition needed to make informed choices about expenditures and the use of scarce health care resources.

  • Ciox Health, a leading health technology company, today announced its acquisition of San Francisco-based biomedical Natural Language Processing (biomed-NLP) technology company, Medal, Inc., a leader in the application of AI techniques to the interrogation of unstructured medical record data. The acquisition accelerates capabilities to enable real-world data (RWD) in support of research that advances patient care.


  • Healthcare isn’t meeting its potential in using data to advance care. Health data is siloed, locked away, and a scattered mess once available. It stops us from innovating. Health decisions are forced to be made on partial data. We need data to be analysis ready and fit-for-purpose so researchers can improve care for patients. Ciox Real World Data uses its DataFit Platform™, which pairs its tuned machine intelligence with expert human insight to extract the signal from noise allowing the researcher to have a true picture of the patient.