Encapsia is a modern, innovative and revolutionary clinical trial platform used to collect, review, analyze, and visualize all your clinical trial data. Purposefully designed to provide holistic approaches to your data, encapsia was built to function as a cohesive whole, across clinical trial functions increasing efficiencies, saving you time and money. 

Encapsia offers multi modal direct data capture (any mix of EDC, eSource and Home Visit) and operates in a live, cloud-hosted, single data repository. This enables all your teams to interact with up-to-the minute data, wherever they are, reducing the burden on the sites and improving the value of investigator-patient relationships. 

Offering real-time data access, encapsia provides effective and user-friendly visualization of trends across patients and sites, thus empowering you to make the quickest and best-informed decisions. 

Integration with other systems is easy and all-encompassing, designed to support simplified site workflows like eCOA, ePRO, patient randomization or legacy systems such as EDC. Flexibility is built-in and our technology is future-proof: built to leverage the cloud and boasting unrivalled speed of development.

For users, encapsia also means no downtime, clean data immediately on data entry, and enhanced speed and cost-savings through less monitoring, reduced burden on sites, third party data (eg central lab data) easily uploaded, even via multimedia.  

This industry-leading software, along with complete, first class support from our project management and technical consulting teams, is available to all. 

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