ERT is a global data and technology company that minimizes risk and uncertainty in clinical trials, so that our customers can move ahead with confidence. With nearly 50 years of clinical and therapeutic experience, ERT balances knowledge of what works with a vision for what’s next, so we can adapt without compromising standards. Our solutions enhance trial oversight, enable site optimization, increase patient engagement and measure the efficacy of new clinical treatments while ensuring patient safety. Since 2014, more than half of all FDA drug approvals came from ERT-supported studies. Pharma companies, biotechs and CROs have relied on our solutions in 10,000+ studies spanning three million patients to date. By identifying trial risks before they become problems, ERT enables customers to bring clinical treatments to patients quickly — and with confidence.

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ERT Imaging ERT Imaging

Imaging technology that delivers results without the typical human bias.

Trial Oversight Trial Oversight

Run more efficient trials by unlocking hidden insights.

ERT Site Optimization ERT Site Optimization

Generate high-quality data by optimizing site selection and performance.

ERT Patient Engagement ERT Patient Engagement

Put patients at the center of every program.


Accelerate your research with technology that doesn’t get in the way.

ERT Respiratory ERT Respiratory

Demand data quality and breathe easy in your respiratory trials.

ERT Cardiac Safety ERT Cardiac Safety

Monitor every heartbeat with precision and ensure safety.