Komodo Health is a data-insights and technology company focused on reducing the burden of disease. Clinical Development teams in Life Sciences partner with Komodo to optimize every facet of drug research and development — from assessing disease incidence to advancing clinical trial diversity to incorporating evidence generation during trials.

Komodo’s Healthcare Map™ captures the complete, longitudinal, and real-time patient journeys of ~330 million individuals in the U.S. By curating data from myriad sources — including directly from payers as well as via EHRs, labs, chargemasters, clearinghouses/switches, and specialty sources — Komodo is able to deliver the most holistic and granular insights in the industry. Moreover, the challenging and painstaking process of linking, cleaning, deduplicating, and certifying the data is all managed by Komodo, ensuring accuracy and facilitating speed to insights via our platform and purpose-built suite of software solutions.

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Clinical Development teams face countless hurdles that often delay trials, impact research outcomes, and drive up costs. Learn how Komodo helps accelerate and optimize clinical trials.



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With MapEnhance, you receive a pre-integrated, fit-for-purpose, and analysis-ready data product — so you can get the insights you need faster.

Shape your clinical trial strategies and drive success at scale with MapView, a user-friendly tool that empowers Clinical Development teams with reliable and actionable real-world insights.

Speed up trial recruitment with clinical alerts driven by artificial intelligence that identify patients on the pathway toward a diagnosis or therapy switch.

Life sciences organizations require a deeper understanding of the patient’s experience throughout the entire healthcare journey to improve the quality of life and health outcomes for all patients. Delve into how data sources can provide those insights.


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