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  • Personalized medicine represents unprecedented potential benefits for patients, yet it also brings new challenges for those conducting the clinical trials. Explore these challenges in the available case study.

  • Stephanie Weber, Vice President of SampleGISTICS™ for LabConnect, discusses providing oversight for high-value clinical samples, as well as her experiences as a female executive in the biopharmaceutical industry.

  • Achieving appropriate scientific oversight and thorough, efficient sample management throughout studies are challenges that many pharma and biotech companies encounter. In this Q&A, explore a highly specialized outsourcing model that address these challenges.

  • A major pharmaceutical company faced significant challenges managing the life cycle of its outsourced clinical and preclinical studies. Read about how, without centralized, dedicated oversight, clinical timelines and quality were being challenged, while internal analysts were juggling assay development and performance as well as the management of vendors.

  • A leading pharmaceutical research company needed help supporting a two-year clinical study of progressive multiple sclerosis. In order to accommodate multiple sampling time-points, the shipping kit needed to hold up to 17 test tubes in isolation, instead of the standard six or seven, and needed to maintain the test tubes within a limited target temperature range despite exposure to extreme heat or cold for extended periods of time.

  • In this article, learn how the value of a single sample has increased tremendously, shifting the focus of sample management from one of a maintenance procedure to a dedicated investment, ensuring the integrity, organization, and safety of all samples.

  • By adopting a method for seamlessly integrating and validating increasingly complex biomarker data, discover the secrets to streamlining clinical trials, while allowing life-saving drugs to reach the market – and patients – faster.

  • This article discusses solutions to the risks inherent in global sample processing. Knowing these risks and how to mitigate them will enable the consistent processing of high-quality samples in support of global research protocols

  • Immuno-oncology trials are increasing in prevalence and, for many reasons, are much more complex than standard clinical trials. Learn how partnering with an experienced central lab can alleviate these challenges, create efficiencies, and save researchers time and expense.

  • Obtaining timely and high-quality processing services is an industrywide challenge, particularly within the context of global trials. This paper reviews three of the keys to success for global sample processing.

  • Because of its promising outcomes, immuno-oncology is a significant and growing segment of clinical research but one that does not come without challenges. Following this checklist of best practices for sample and lab management can ensure the success of immune-oncology studies.

  • Local laboratory data normalization is a routine process in clinical trial data management. However, even with standardized collection and transport procedures across the laboratories there is often variability to account for. This paper highlights the modern need for access to local laboratory data in near real time.



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  • The complexities of sample collection and logistics in advanced therapy studies naturally brings chain of custody challenges in protecting the integrity of a trials’ high value samples. Learn about end to end sample management strategies, logistical integration planning, real-time tracking and LIVE monitoring technologies.

  • Learn how an experienced central laboratory project initiation team can expertly support the planning, designing, and setting up of clinical projects with multiple testing locations — including international vendor laboratories.

  • Since different local laboratories may use different normal ranges and units, the management of data can present challenges for sponsors and investigator sites. In this webinar, a standardization process is given to demonstrate how these processes can be optimized.

  • Sample preparation and processing are crucial steps in immuno-oncology, diagnostics, and cell and gene therapies. Obtaining timely, high-quality preparation and processing services on a global basis is a universal challenge. This webinar considers three keys to success to a successful global sample processing: specimen collection and transport, consistency in analytical technique and biostorage.

  • To address the parallel growth in advanced therapies and in clinical trial patient centric services, this webinar will discuss the challenges and strategies for a patient focused sample management plan. Topics will include the integration of home health care visits, solutions for virtual sample and product tracking, patient scheduling, and logistical solutions.

  • Sample preparation and processing are crucial steps in immuno-oncology, cell-based and gene therapies, and diagnostics. In this webinar, we discuss proper sample collection and transport, leveraging a global network of labs vetted for high-quality processing, and successful delivery to essential global storage for all sample types.

  • The incorporation of biomarkers into early drug trials has challenged leading companies to reprioritize innovation and drive quality sample management systems. As clinical development pipelines expand, companies should explore partnerships that will allow for scalability, enabling efficient and improved sample management.


  • For the past 10 years, LabConnect has supported our clients by providing experienced personnel to handle biospecimen management, scientific project management, and vendor management. We provide a cost-effective solution for your technical and operational needs.

  • Today’s complex clinical trials require reliable and experienced technical and operational support throughout a study. Watch this video to see how LabConnect has supported their clients in critical functions by providing biospecimen managers and scientists to drive successful outcomes.

  • As clinical research has become increasingly complex, the management of patient samples and data is more challenging than ever before. Benefit from expert connections, flexible solutions, personalized relationships with project managers, and exceptional customer service.