Medable’s mission is to get effective therapies to patients faster while expanding clinical research to every body, eliminating critical barriers to access such as income status, geography, & race. Medable offers a proven decentralized clinical trial platform that shortens trial timelines, creates operational efficiencies, and expands trial access to anyone worldwide using a combination of screening, eConsent, eCOA, ePRO, real-world data, connected sensors & more. 

Founded by visionary CEO Dr. Michelle Longmire after discovering firsthand the difficulties of finding research patients, Medable’s platform is designed by a combination of clinicians, patients, and tech experts to ease the experience for all trial stakeholders. The result is over 150+ decentralized trials conducted across 60+ countries with over 1 million patients accessing our platform today.

A pioneer in patient-centric trials, Medable has been ranked the number one provider of decentralized clinical trials by the Everest Group, and recently collaborated with Tufts CSDD to release the first financial modeling showcasing the benefits of DCTs. Medable DCTs have now demonstrated net financial benefits of up to 5x & 14x greater than the initial upfront investment required for phase ll & phase lll studies, respectively. Additionally, our digital certification program has helped teach decentralized and patient-centric clinical trial methods to over 1,000+ of our industry peers.

Find out how Medable can partner with your organization to digitally transform your clinical protocols. Your research teams can experience benefits such as; improved patient experience, higher quality outcomes data, & savings of US$25,000,000+ for individual studies. Please visit www.Medable.com for further information.




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