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  • Let’s talk about the future of clinical trials. There’s no crystal ball, but we have plenty of data — and it shows the growing need for risk-based quality management (RBQM) in clinical research. In this blog we discuss the current clinical trials landscape, the factors driving change, and why the industry is embracing the RBQM model.

  • Three current factors driving up average the average clinical trial study duration are executional complexity, hyper-customization, and operating fragmentation. It’s nearly impossible to reduce any of these factors. Complexity isn’t going anywhere, data sources are only increasing, and as research expands, so does the number of organizations that support it, which too easily leads to fragmentation. Instead of reducing factors, let’s make better ways to manage them.

  • The ASCO Annual Meeting gathers oncology professionals from around the world to discuss the latest in cancer research and treatment. Read about the comments on a few topics of particular interest.

  • Countless biopharmaceutical companies target the European Union (EU)/European Economic Area (EEA) to launch their first medicinal/biological product or expand their existing product portfolio and the territories in which their drugs are authorized. Read how the importance of having experienced and committed professionals appointed to manage the responsibilities seamlessly should be a priority for MAHs.


  • Parexel FSPs, Lisa Feeley, Vice President, Clinical Operations, is joined by Jennifer Sheller, North America Regional Head, Global Clinical Trial Operations at Merck, to discuss how to prepare the CRA workforce for the future. They also talk about the demands CRAs face today and strategies to train and develop them to support new competency requirements.


Parexel’s Leslie DeVos and Katie Connelly both VP’s of Regulatory & Access have a heartfelt conversation with Lennie & Denny Woods, Parents & Co-Founders of Sara’s Cure, of their daily fight to find a cure for Clear Cell Sarcoma.

Parexel’s Anita Nelsen, SVP, Translational Medicine and Michelle Hoiseth, Chief Data Officer, Corporate VP speak with Ashley Druckenmiller about caring with her two sons with hemophilia and the benefits that genomic data can provide in understanding the full nature of a disease and how to treat it.

Parexel’s Global Head of Parexel FSP, Chris Baker and Neil Berger, VP, Enterprise Account Leader discuss how our award-winning client service, innovation, therapeutic expertise and patient-centric solutions are simplifying and accelerating clinical development pipelines.

Patients often lead busy lives while managing medical conditions. To make it easier for them to take part in clinical trials, every aspect of participation must be considered, such as travel, the amount of time involved, the burden on the patient and their family, and potential costs. Parexel spoke to Trishna, a professional living with MS, about how bringing more of the trial to the patient would help people to participate in clinical trials.

This video showcases a patients journey with AS and the importance of understanding meaningful endpoints and quality of life for the patients. Meaningful endpoints goes beyond statistical numbers and focuses on the most important thing – the patient.