Phlexglobal, a PharmaLex company, is the recognized global authority in Trial Master File (TMF) services and technology. Hundreds of sponsor and CRO companies worldwide rely on Phlexglobal’s next-generation eTMF solution and more than 150 experts to elevate TMF management, reduce inspection risk, and solve TMF challenges. Our extensive TMF expertise meets innovation in everything we do, from PhlexTMF – the industry’s first AI-powered eTMF that reduces document misfiles and metadata errors from day one – to expert quality review and embedded study owners to support busy study teams, letting you achieve the highest standards for TMF completeness, timeliness, and quality.


Delve into several techniques designed to safeguard data precision and integrity throughout the TMF migration process, reducing compliance risks and conserving valuable time and effort.

Delve into specific tactics clinical teams can utilize for establishing immediate and long-lasting improvements to their TMF business processes.

Discover how proficient TMF handling can proactively address potential pitfalls, fostering a state of preparedness for regulatory evaluations.

Looking to quickly expand internal TMF resources with our anytime, anywhere TMF expertise? Unlock the potential to seamlessly access specialized TMF knowledge and support by viewing this presentation.

Looking to improve your overall TMF health and gain true inspection-readiness? In this presentation, speakers unearth how this can be achieved with the use of heatmaps.

Watch this presentation where speakers share how teams can improve inspection readiness and reduce potential regulatory risks that could negatively impact operational activities.