At ThoughtSphere our mission is to provide a holistic AI-driven data platform to maximize clinical discoveries and bring effective and safe treatments to patients quicker. We offer technology solutions to address two of the biggest challenges in clinical trial operations: integrating disparate data and making that data accessible for cross functional end-users in a collaborative and automated environment.

Our omni-user platform streamlines the execution of clinical trials by using AI to harmonize data, automate processes, and perform data surveillance, resulting in increased efficiency, compliance, and quality of clinical trial delivery. Regardless of the trial design or the diversity of data sources utilized, ThoughtSphere provides a 360º data view and a “one-stop-shop” for cross-functional end-users. Additionally, our flexible platform allows organizations the option to use all our solutions in concert or to pick specific solution(s) to fit their needs. Founded in 2015 by Life Science IT experts, see why 25+ customers have successfully used our clinical data platform to conduct over 160 trials.




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  • Check out this all-encompassing module that simplifies and automates the medical review process, allowing medical monitors to prioritize the most crucial aspect – patient safety.

  • Uncover how this approach ensures timely actions and escalations when needed, fostering a streamlined and proactive approach to trial management.

  • Empower teams to streamline manual processes, boost efficiency, and enhance the speed and precision of safety case reporting through the automation of synchronization and reconciliation.

  • Discover how ThoughtSphere’s SPACE solution can cultivate these important partnerships by accelerating payment cycles, reducing financial errors, and enhancing relationships through collaboration, transparency, and more.

  • Discover how organizations can better visualize, analyze, and distribute aggregated and harmonized data to support study oversight, data analyses, and clinical reporting needs.

  • Unleash the power of unified data and processes with a solution that allows data ingestion automation, applies AI-driven analytics, synchronizes cross-functional review cycles, and generates data faster.

  • Learn how ThoughtSphere’s comprehensive RBQM facilitates the complete risk lifecycle from risk identification through issue resolution with automated triggers and configurable user workflows.

  • Built for clinical data management professionals, our data quality management workbench provides a multi-layered approach to ensure data quality and facilitate data management activities through AI and automation.

  • This AI/ML-powered data lakehouse is ideal for sponsors and CROs seeking to gather and synchronize clinical and operational data across studies and accelerate digital transformation.

  • The integrated Modeling and Analysis Programming (MAP) module allows for seamless data model development using SAS, R, and Python without any data transfers or exports.