With almost a decade of experience matching and enrolling patients, Trialbee is purpose-built to reduce enrollment risk and efficiently meet global clinical trial timelines. Inspired by the shift from traditional clinical trials to hybrid and decentralized clinical trials, Trialbee has developed a data-science driven patient matching and an analytics-driven enrollment platform to provide a patient-centric journey and lower site-burden. These insights and analytics lead to tangible improvements to patient recruitment and enrollment strategies to optimize clinical trial timelines and gain operational efficiencies.


  • Clinical trial recruitment and enrollment is an area ripe for disruption. The recruitment process has been and, in many cases, continues to be inefficient. Review these challenges with Martin Kilsgard and Matt Walz in a discussion moderated by Gaynor Anders.

  • Join a discussion with Matt Walz, CEO of Trialbee and Ian Smith, Chief Medical Officer, Panthera Biopartners, moderated by Craig Lipset, as they discuss pain points and improvements regarding the recruitment and enrollment process in clinical trials.

  • Despite the amount of money and effort invested into recruitment, 80% of studies fail to enroll enough patients on time, resulting in costly timeline extensions and site additions. In this webinar, learn more about applying technology and analytics to de-risk patient enrollment and engagement.

  • As clinical research is increasingly moving to a decentralized model, it’s critical that the patient matching and enrollment process is streamlined and data-driven to speed the clinical trial process. This webinar discusses how leveraging a data-driven approach to patient recruitment and enrollment allows sponsors of clinical research to overcome these challenges and accelerate their trial timelines.