TrialScope is the global leader in clinical trial disclosure and transparency management technology, supporting 13 of the top 15 industry clinical trial sponsors worldwide. TrialScope provides proven solutions that are designed to optimize the efficiency of disclosure activities, maximize trial data transparency, and foster more informed, engaged patients through open research sharing. To learn more about TrialScope, visit trialscope.com.


In order to demonstrate a deeper commitment to clinical trial transparency than the law requires, some sponsors are choosing to provide additional information about their portfolio of clinical trials on a dedicated website. TrialScope Engage can help sponsors manage clinical trial content that is being prepared for disclosure on their own sites.

PharmaCM is a clinical trial disclosure platform designed specifically for the regulated environment of Life Sciences. PharmaCM is used to manage the complex process of authoring, reviewing, editing, approving and publishing clinical trial application and disclosure data. Disclosure content is very dynamic. Clinical trial data is constantly being updated, modified and formatted for specific registries such as ClinicalTrials.gov and EudraCT.

Clinical trial sponsors are required by law to disclose information on their clinical trials in multiple places. These regulatory requirements continue to change as new mandated registries emerge and the scope of disclosure expands. This dynamic scenario creates a challenge for sponsors who must track and manage disclosure content that is being prepared for different registries, with different requirements.



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  • Overcoming Clinical Trial Obstacles

    Mike Wenger, TrialScope Vice President of Patient Engagement, talks about ways to improve the clinical trials process by focusing more on the patients who are being recruited, tracked and retained. 

  • Disclosure & Transparency Trends Webinar

    Hear results from TrialScope’s 2019 Global Clinical Trial Disclosure & Transparency Benchmark Survey, highlights from our Plain Language Summaries Survey, and predictions for 2020.

  • Trends In Clinical Transparency Policies

    More and more sponsors are making their clinical trial transparency policy publicly available, says TrialScope Chief Strategy Officer Thomas Wicks. Hear additional disclosure and transparency trends.

  • Importance And Requirements Of Study Results Posting

    In addition to laws requiring disclosure of clinical trial results, the public also demands this information. TrialScope Chief Strategy Officer Thomas Wicks explains why sponsors should share study results.

  • Clinical Trial Transparency Policy Reference Guide

    A transparency policy can go a long way toward building trust and enhancing a company’s brand reputation. Discover six commitments related to disclosure and data sharing that a solid transparency policy should include.

  • TrialScope Engage™ Embedded A Top Innovation For 2019

    TrialScope Engage™ Embedded technology was named one of the most innovative life sciences products of the year. The solution is designed to help sponsors improve patient engagement and increase trial transparency. 

  • 5 Reasons Why Transparency Is Good Business

    Transparency remains a buzzword in today’s society: transparency in government (such as Sunshine Laws), transparency in politics (revealing sources of donations), transparency in finance (SEC regulations), transparency in relationships. The pharmaceutical industry has recently been under pressure to increase transparency in drug pricing. All companies, regardless of the industry, should revisit their commitments to transparency. Here’s why.

  • 5 Key KPIs Every Disclosure Team Should Monitor – And Why

    Like any department within a pharmaceutical organization, clinical trial disclosure teams contribute to the bottom line and must be accountable. Here are five key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor on a regular basis.

  • An Innovative Approach To Trial Results Summaries

    See how sponsors are employing technology to replace outdated, paper-based patient communications about trial results. This innovative approach enables clinical trial sponsors to meet their ethical obligations to trial participants while simultaneously increasing patient engagement.

  • TrialScope Launches Clinical Trials Website For EMD Serono

    TrialScope has worked with EMD Serono, the North American branch of the healthcare business of Merck KGaA, and CISCRP to launch a new clinical trials website. The site is designed to inform the public and healthcare professionals about the clinical trial journey and EMD Serono clinical trials.

  • Good Pharma Scorecard: See What The Top 5 Sponsors Have In Common

    The Good Pharma Scorecard, as its acronym suggests, is the industry GPS for clinical trial transparency. See what this year's top-ranked sponsors all have in common.

  • Improving The Quality Of Submitted Studies To ClinicalTrials.gov

    Want to reduce QC comments? Hear tips from Dr. Deborah Zarin, former director of ClinicalTrials.gov, now with the MRCT Center. Dr. Zarin was keynote speaker at the recent EXTRA: TrialScope Transparency Experience.

  • Keys To Successful Clinical Trial Data Handling And Re-use

    Matt DeFranco, TrialScope Director of Solution Engineering, shares success stories on how to make the most of clinical trial data. It’s all about ETL – extract, transfer and load. Listen to his presentation at the recent EXTRA: TrialScope Transparency Experience.

  • Best Practices For Launching And Maintaining Clinical Trial Websites

    Two senior transparency and disclosure experts discussed their successful clinical trial website launches at the recent EXTRA: TrialScope Transparency Experience. They talked about challenges, getting management buy-in, and how to keep visitors coming back.

  • Panel Discussion: Partnering With Advocacy Groups For Greater Transparency

    At the recent EXTRA: TrialScope Transparency Experience, representatives from three patient advocacy groups shared thoughts on how sponsors can partner to promote clinical trials. Hear insights from Susan Thornton, CEO of the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation; Stephanie Cogan, Vice President of Corporate Relations, National Kidney Foundation; and Ali Sue Patterson, Senior Specialist, Clinical Research Community Engagement, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

  • Reporting To ClinicalTrials.gov: Reflections And Challenges

    Who can reflect better on this topic than Dr. Deborah Zarin, former director of ClinicalTrials.gov? Dr. Zarin, now with the MRCT Center, shared her experiences and advice at the recent EXTRA: TrialScope Transparency Experience.

  • Patient Engagement Tricks And Treats

    Today, trial transparency and patient engagement go hand in hand. But don’t let the prospect of patient engagement scare you – join TrialScope and CISCRP for this informative webinar. You’ll discover how to obtain patient input and use it to guide your clinical trial processes and communications. And you’ll see what patients expect in terms of clinical trial engagement online – and how to deliver an improved digital experience to them.

  • TrialScope Acquires Clinical Trial Connect

    TrialScope, the global leader in transparency and disclosure compliance solutions, has acquired Clinical Trial Connect, a platform used by disease foundations and advocacy groups that connects their community members to relevant clinical trials. As part of the acquisition, founder Mike Wenger will join the TrialScope team as Vice President of Patient Engagement.

  • Optimizing Your Clinical Trial Website Using Behavioral Analysis And A/B Testing

    See how website optimization tactics, such as user behavioral analysis, user feedback gathering and A/B tests, can improve the ROI on your clinical trial website. Plus, learn how tools such as heatmaps and scrollmaps track success.

  • SEO & PPC For D&T: Make Your Trial Website A Magnet For Qualified Patients

    If you think CRO stands for “contract research organization,” think again. In the digital marketing world, CRO means “conversion rate optimization.” This webinar provides an overview of key digital marketing concepts and how they can be applied to boost online clinical trial recruitment and retention.