TrialScope is the global leader in clinical trial disclosure and transparency management technology, supporting 13 of the top 15 industry clinical trial sponsors worldwide. TrialScope provides proven solutions that are designed to optimize the efficiency of disclosure activities, maximize trial data transparency, and foster more informed, engaged patients through open research sharing. To learn more about TrialScope, visit trialscope.com.


Designed as a free, credible resource for both the public and research professionals, CoronaClinicalTrials.com automatically syncs study information from ClinicalTrials.gov. The website also features educational material provided by the Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP).

In order to demonstrate a deeper commitment to clinical trial transparency than the law requires, some sponsors are choosing to provide additional information about their portfolio of clinical trials on a dedicated website. TrialScope Engage can help sponsors manage clinical trial content that is being prepared for disclosure on their own sites.

PharmaCM is a clinical trial disclosure platform designed specifically for the regulated environment of Life Sciences. PharmaCM is used to manage the complex process of authoring, reviewing, editing, approving and publishing clinical trial application and disclosure data. Disclosure content is very dynamic. Clinical trial data is constantly being updated, modified and formatted for specific registries such as ClinicalTrials.gov and EudraCT.

Clinical trial sponsors are required by law to disclose information on their clinical trials in multiple places. These regulatory requirements continue to change as new mandated registries emerge and the scope of disclosure expands. This dynamic scenario creates a challenge for sponsors who must track and manage disclosure content that is being prepared for different registries, with different requirements.



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    CoronaClinicalTrials.com curates study information from government sources to provide a source of credible information on coronavirus clinical studies. The website automatically syncs clinical trial information from ClinicalTrials.gov and includes educational resources from CISCRP.

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