Clinical Trial Supply Solutions: Optimising Your Tax Strategy Today And Post-Brexit
July 3, 2019 -

Sharp Clinical Services

3pm BST/2pm GMT. Any business that moves goods into and out of the UK needs to be aware of the rules that will impact taxes payable when goods move cross a border. Although many products in the clinical trial industry are not subject to import duties, other taxes such as VAT can be applied, adding an additional - and often unnecessary - 20% cost to the shipping of goods. Sharp Clinical Services - in conjunction with David Miller of The VAT People/The Customs People – will demonstrate using real examples, how Sharp can support you to optimise your clinical trial supplies into and out of the UK, from both non-EU and EU locations. Learn how to minimise your tax exposure on shipments and get to grips with your Import/Export regulatory obligations. We will discuss the tax landscape as it is today as well as the impact that Brexit is likely to have on your tax obligation in the future. Sharp Clinical can either act as your ‘Importer of Record’ in which case all applicable charges will be passed through or alternatively, we can offer you expert tax advice in conjunction with our partners, to guide you through the process of reclaiming VAT.

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