eSource Data in Clinical Investigations Bootcamp
May 2 - 3, 2017 - Philadelphia MA US

Phone: 3392982263
Fax: 3392982263

Don’t miss out on the exclusive opportunity to hear from companies that utilize eSource technology, what they’ve learned from it, where the industry is going and brainstorm a strategy that might work for your goals. Get the inside scoop from all key stakeholders in the eSource process to streamline internal workflow and learn how to navigate the transition from paper to EDC source documentation. CBI’s 4th Annual Bootcamp eSource Data in Clinical Investigations aims to initiate meaningful dialogues around early successes, failures and pain points through collaborative sessions and investigative case studies so that you can build an eSource adoption business case for senior leadership addressing balance of risk and cost. Join your industry colleagues for this in-depth bootcamp to enable multi-stakeholder collaborations on the industry’s most pivotal challenges surrounding the adoption of eSource data collection processes.

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