BioAnalytical Laboratories Services & Products

  1. Bioanalytical Laboratories

    With over 1,500 assays developed in support of over 2,500 studies and with management experience averaging 21 years, ICON Development Solutions has the bioanalytical expertise and track record required to deliver rapid, dependable results. 

  2. Dry Blood Spot Analysis
    ICON offers dry blood spot analysis as a convenient and practical solution when sampling from populations where sample volume is at a premium or where analyte stability is an issue.
  3. Clinical Pharmacology

    The clinical pharmacology team at ICON Development Solutions (ICON) has extensive experience in the design, study conduct and interpretation of clinical pharmacology studies across all major therapeutic areas.

  4. Clinical Development Laboratory Services

    ICON provides a full range of laboratory services that are dedicated exclusively to clinical development.

  5. Clinical Pathology
    ICON’s clinical pathology laboratory is an integral part of our pharmacology services. Co-located in our bioanalytical laboratory in Manchester - local to our hospital-based Clinical Pharmacology Unit - this laboratory provides real-time support for ICON’s Phase I studies, as well as external studies which are being conducted by leading CRO’s in the region.
  6. Data Anaylsis
    ICON is able to customise its database services based on clients' needs and preferred processes in all phases of clinical trials and pre-clinical studies.
  7. Clinical Services

    ICON offers a broad range of specialised services to assist pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies to bring new drugs and devices to market faster.