Cardiac Safety/TQT Services & Products

  1. Data Management

    With more than two decades of experience providing customized data management services for clinical trials to our clients, SynteractHCR is a contract research organization that has developed a reputation for high quality, cost effective solutions to fit your unique project needs. We know the importance of accurate, timely data management for clinical trials, and that’s why we have implemented the right combination of technologies with the care and insight of experienced personnel. Our clinical data managers have medical and life science backgrounds and as well as specialized programming experience. 

  2. Clinical Pharmacology

    The clinical pharmacology team at ICON Development Solutions (ICON) has extensive experience in the design, study conduct and interpretation of clinical pharmacology studies across all major therapeutic areas.

  3. First In Human Clinical Trials
    Timely and accurate data regarding the safety and efficacy of drug is critical for success at every stage of drug discovery and development.
  4. Data Management

    ICON delivers high-quality, cost-effective solutions to ensure the successful management and delivery of clinical trial data.

  5. Clinical Research Volunteer Recruitment

    ICON has a harmonised network of 3 Clinical Pharmacology Units which enables us to offer rapid, flexible recruitment solutions that are managed utilising our "access to volunteers strategy" and robust risk management model.

  6. Early Phase

    ICON Development Solutions specialises in the strategy and delivery of early-phase clinical development services to enable informed, timely decision making for our clients.

  7. Early Phase
    With a full scope of services from First in Human through Proof of Concept, PAREXEL's early phase operational teams are right where you need us.