Cardiovascular Services & Products

  1. Point Of Care: Cholesterol Testing
    Cholesterol, LDL, HDL and Triglycerides tests are available on a CLIA-waived point of care test platform that uses a whole blood and a small sample size with results available in minutes!
  2. Cardiovascular Services
    A leading western CRO in Russia, ClinStar offers invaluable experience and medical support to enhance your study execution, resulting in higherquality results. We offer local regulatory, customs and logistical expertise as well as clinical teams that are therapeutically trained in cardiovascular diseases.
  3. Cardiovascular Disease
    SGS has performed 73 clinical pharmacology studies with anti-thrombotic, anti-hypertensive and anti-arrhythmic drug candidates since 2003.
  4. Cardiovascular
    One of Theorem Clinical Research's strongest therapeutic areas is Cardiovascular research. In the last three years, we have successfully managed more than 100 cardiovascular clinical trials at sites worldwide.
  5. Early Phase

    Many biopharmaceutical companies are exploring new types of strategic partnerships to help them save time and money during the most challenging and costly stage of product development – pivotal Phase IIb/III clinical trials.

  6. Medical Writing
    Each member of our core medical writing team draws on extensive industry knowledge and therapeutic expertise to effectively meet our clients' requirements.
  7. Public Health And Government Services
    Navigating the complexities of clinical development for government and other subsidized programs requires a partner who has a combination of therapeutic expertise and experience in the public health sector.