Ethnic Bridging Studies Featured Articles

  1. Singapore Reduces Risks To Life Sciences Entering The Asian Market

    There are many risks involved with opening pharmaceutical manufacturing operations in Asia, but Signapore has become ideal for the Life Sciences industry.

  2. How Shire Leverages Mobile Health Apps For Patient Recruitment

    In an effort to bring patient awareness to available clinical trials, Shire, a biopharmaceutical company, uses mobile health to reach potential patients.

  3. A Forgotten Majority: Patient Diversity In Clinical Trials

    Even though there are 50.5 million know Hispanics in the U.S., ethnic diversity of clinical trial participants are limited for many reasons.

  4. Considerations In Using Foreign Trial Data In U.S. NDA Submissions

    More and more drug companies are finding it financially advantageous to conduct clinical trials in foreign countries and to include data from these trials in NDA submissions. When offshore trials are properly conducted and the data is properly handled, this strategy can accelerate approval and lower the cost of drug development. By Ken Phelps, Camargo Pharmaceutical Services

  5. Getting To Proof-Of-Concept In Early Stage Clinical Research

    Every biopharmaceutical company today is striving to arrive at the Proof-of-Concept decision point for new treatments as quickly and cheaply as possible. Management is looking to identify potential winners and avoid costly late stage failures. By Sy Pretorius, Corporate Vice President and World-wide Head of Early Phase, PAREXEL International Corporation

  6. The Business Of Cultural Competent Research: The New Stakeholders

    For industry committed to delivering innovative healthcare, now is the time to take stock of the shift in population demographics and how cultural competence relates to developing new medicines through clinical trials. By James Gillespie and Kathleen Drennan

  7. Want To Increase Clinical Trial Participation?
    I recently read an article about drug companies paying hospitals to mine their databases for potential clinical trial participants. Apparently, drug companies, including Pfizer (NYSE: PFE), are willing to pay somewhere between $50,000 to $200,000 per list of patients qualifying for drugmaker clinical trials. By Rob Wright, Chief Editor, Life Science Leader magazine
  8. Reinventing Recruitment Of The Minority Population In Clinical Research Trials

    The field of clinical research starts and ends with the patient volunteer. Unfortunately, there is a paucity of research volunteers for participation in clinical trials. Patient volunteers are increasingly scarce and even more limited when it comes to minority patient participation in clinical research trials. By Ruthie Barreau