Metabolic Disorders Services & Products

  1. Medical Device Integration With eCOA Solution

    Studies where patients use a medical device at home provide a great opportunity for leveraging the eCOA solution in automating data collection from the medical device. 

  2. eSense™ - The Family Of Medical Devices Integrated Into The PHT ePRO System
    eSense enables researchers to collect and evaluate physiological patient measurements together with electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePROs).
  3. Point Of Care: Blood Glucose Testing
    Blood Glucose Testing at the point of care include Glucose and HBA1C, in adaptive clinical trials involving dose adjustment and in blinded studies.
  4. Endocrinology And Metabolism
    We recognize one of the most important pieces of your outsourcing puzzle is a CRO’s therapeutic expertise. Theorem Clinical Research features experience in a variety of different major areas.