Regulatory Webinars

  1. Tackling The EU CTR Compliance Challenge

    Maintaining disclosure compliance is tricky enough with, but when it comes to EU CTR compliance, the complexity rises to a whole new level. As a sponsor, do you find your organization “guilty” of these common errors?

  2. DIA Now Product Demonstration

    A video overview of the valuable content that can be accessed as a DIA NOW user.

  3. Navigating Clinical Supply Challenges In Emerging Regions

    Don't let the complex logistics involved in the handling of clinical supplies in certain regions of the world put your patients at risk or jeopardize both the study budget and timeline.

  4. Improving Imaging Quality And Compliance

    How technology-based imaging improves quality and regulatory compliance, and how these improvements benefit sponsors.

  5. Planning And Conducting Trials Of The Latest Immunotherapies

    In this webinar, INC Research/inVentiv Health experts discuss the factors that sponsors must take into account as they design and execute clinical trials in this space, beginning with a review of the immunotherapy landscape.

  6. Digital Signatures for Life Sciences Demo

    See how a life sciences organization uses CoSign to securely and compliantly sign an FDA form.

  7. Accelerate Your Study Initiation With CFS Startup InSite™

    Get your trials up and running faster and your products to market more quickly. Learn how Startup InSite™ technology and the CFS Clinical Contract and Regulatory Services team speeds up the process.