Trial Financial Management Services & Products

  1. Study Start Up

    One of the many challenges in conducting clinical trials is the speed to completion and finalization of essential and regulatory documents by the investigative site personnel.

  2. Electronic Regulatory & Study Binders

    All clinical trials collect regulatory documentation in order to receive authorization to conduct the trial at investigative sites. Trials require a Regulatory Binder and many keep separate Study Binders.

  3. Merge CTMS For Investigators

    Through enhanced productivity and business management tools, Merge CTMS for Investigators allows research organizations to centralize study information, organize research activities, and improve recruitment and financial performance.

  4. CoSign Signature API (SAPI®)

    Signatures play a crucial role in our day-to-day lives. Organizations understand that paper processes are expensive and are looking to migrate from a pen on paper signature (wet signature) to a true paperless environment. CoSign allows organizations to easily meet this goal.

  5. Imaging Core Lab Services

    ICON Medical Imaging’s use of superior technology, advanced science and experienced people lead to the ultimate goal: results.

  6. Product Lifecycle Consultancy Services

    ICON’s Lifecycle Sciences group offers the full range of services to assist clients with activities throughout the product lifecycle.

  7. Investigator Relations
    Our professionals do more than just identify your investigators. They carefully assess each potential investigator based on the specific requirements of your study.
  8. Project Management
    An exceptional Project Management approach lays the foundation for every successful clinical trial. And by successful, we mean more than just completing the project on-time and on-budget.
  9. Clinical Research
    As one of world’s largest CROs, PAREXEL is right where you need us with the global experience, infrastructure, knowledge, and technology to conduct pivotal clinical research trials of any size.
  10. Phase III

    The challenges of conducting and managing the numerous sites, organizations, and data systems of today’s larger, multinational Phase III clinical trials have never been greater.