Repurposing And Rescuing Pharmaceutical Drugs
Repurposing And Rescuing Pharmaceutical Drugs

Repurposing marketed drugs or rescuing compounds that failed in clinical trials offers entrepreneurs the potential to replenish pipelines with reduced risk and time.

  • Growing To Meet The Needs Of Big Pharma: Acquisitions Help BioClinica Increase Profits by 20%
    Growing To Meet The Needs Of Big Pharma: Acquisitions Help BioClinica Increase Profits by 20%

    Recent acquisitions have convinced Mark Weinstein, CEO of BioClinica, that his company is ready to work with the largest of pharmaceutical companies, be they CRO or drug sponsor. Bio-Imaging, which officially became BioClinica in 2009 following a major merger, is currently running over 400 imaging studies with over 200 clients. Weinstein notes a series of well-planned steps were required to get them to this position.

  • Home Thoughts From Abroad - Measurement Of Cognitive Change

    March and April are traditionally two months that for me involve an unusual amount of business travel. What is different about this year is that the indications under discussion have included depression, schizophrenia, ADHD, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and a variety of other diseases, including hypertension, diabetes and fibromyalgia. By John Harrison, PhD, Scientific Consultant, CRF Health

  • Paper Diaries Should Be Banned
    Paper Diaries Should Be Banned

    Every now and then, a shift in technology revolutionizes an entire industry. Consider the advent of email and automatic banking machines. Once the mainstream adopts these processes, it is difficult to imagine how we managed without them. By Valdo Arnera, MD, General Manager of PHT Corporation Europe

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  • Importance Of Preclinical Imaging In Drug Discovery

    The process of discovering and bringing a drug to market consists of several stages, beginning with identification and validation of a drug target and continuing through lead identification by high-throughput screening, lead optimization, and profiling in relevant disease models.

  • Patient Osteoarthritis Of The Knee Pain Case Study

    ePharmaSolutions, a global study launch and site support services company, developed and deployed a highly effective patient recruitment campaign that yielded an outstanding number of qualified referrals to support an osteoarthritis of the knee study in patients that were currently on a medication regimen.

  • SitePad Tablet Datasheet - Preferred By Clinicians For Its Ease-Of-Use The PHT SitePad tablet continues to capture site-based questionnaires, patient reported data (PRO) and clinical trial survey data efficiently and easily. Clinicians prefer the touch-screen convenience. It is available with a 10” or 12” screen which is ample size to display each question and all available answers, to avoid scrolling bias.
  • ePro Product Suite PHT Corporation was founded in 1994 out of a desire to enable more personalized clinical research. At the time, scientific researchers relying on paper diaries needed a proven way to capture reliable data from patients between clinic visits. PHT patented the model of using handheld devices in conjunction with online technologies in order to send subject self-assessments directly to a central server. These data could then be reviewed in real time for improved subject symptom, compliance, enrollment and safety monitoring. This PHT nvention has become the foundation for the modern electronic patient reported outcome (ePRO) industry.
  • Therapeutic Expertise: Neuroscience & CNS Datasheet PRA is a leader in the clinical research industry, providing innovative solutions for CNS drug development.
  • Persistence Leads To High Enrollment: PRA Convinces Client To Stick With Recruitment Strategies

    PRA was contracted by a large biotech client to evaluate the immunogenicity of a flu vaccine in adult subjects with rheumatoid arthritis. From the start, the PRA study team faced a shortened enrollment period and other timeline challenges, including the protocol’s late delivery as well as problems with the vaccine’s availability. 

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