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Most entrepreneurs new to drug development are focused on demonstrating the pharmacology of their compound, and rightfully so. There is no point in spending years and millions of dollars in the development of something that does not have a chance of demonstrating efficacy in a clinical trial. Often, however, too little planning is done to position the investigational compound as an actual drug for the treatment of human disease.

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  • Considerations When Selecting A CRO For Phase I Clinical Studies

    Phase I clinical trials are an integral step in the drug development process. Specific factors can influence the timelines and success of these studies. This white paper addresses the critical success factors for Phase I clinical studies and provides guidance on the appropriate capabilities, expertise and experience to evaluate as a sponsor selects a CRO.

  • Human ADME & Studies With Radiolabeled Compounds

    During clinical drug development there can be several situations where the use of radiolabeled medication or other radiolabeled compounds is required or favorable to accomplish the study objectives. This whitepaper is mainly focusing on human ADME studies and “microdose” studies to assess absolute bioavailability (BA). The major part of the information in this overview is also relevant for other clinical studies with a radiolabeled compound. By Ad Roffel and Henk Poelman, PRA Health Sciences

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First In Human Clinical Trials First In Human Clinical Trials
Timely and accurate data regarding the safety and efficacy of drug is critical for success at every stage of drug discovery and development.
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