Are Outdated Pricing Models Hurting Clinical Research?
Are Outdated Pricing Models Hurting Clinical Research?

Two issues that always seem to throw a wrench into sponsor/CROs relationships are changes to staffing and pricing. Protocol changes can disrupt trials for CROs and cause price increases for sponsors. Staffing changes can create new learning curves, delay trials, and cause sponsors to feel they were misled. Are penalties an easy way to fix both?

  • William Daley Joins Clinical Leader Editorial Advisory Board
    William Daley Joins Clinical Leader Editorial Advisory Board

    Dr. William Daley, VP of Medical Affairs at Sanofi-Aventis, has agreed to join the Editorial Advisory Board for Clinical Leader. Daley's research interests are in the field of vascular biology and thrombosis as it pertains to lipid metabolism, diabetes, hypertension, coronary blood flow, cardiovascular disease, women's health and the therapeutic applications of information technology.

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Late Phase Research Late Phase Research

Whether it is comparative effectiveness, outcomes or increasing market penetration, our Late Phase and Outcomes Research Group capitalizes on the expertise of our dedicated Phase IIIb/IV project operations group coupled with our extensive experience in scientific services and outcomes research.  

Medical & Drug Safety Services Medical & Drug Safety Services

ICON’s Medical and Safety Services Group offers safety support across all stages of the product lifecycle by  providing efficient drug safety processes, compiling concise drug safety profiles, and developing tailored risk-management strategies.

Point Of Care: Infectious Diseases Testing Point Of Care: Infectious Diseases Testing
Single use disposable point of care tests, like an unrinalysis are used to detect any abnormalities that require follow up.
Point Of Care: Drug Abuse Testing Point Of Care: Drug Abuse Testing
Point of care drugs of abuse tests include Methadone, Opiates, THC and Amphetamines for screening and has available results in minutes.
Point Of Care: Blood Glucose Testing Point Of Care: Blood Glucose Testing
Blood Glucose Testing at the point of care include Glucose and HBA1C, in adaptive clinical trials involving dose adjustment and in blinded studies.
Medical Affairs Medical Affairs
Our global team of physicians provides expert medical advisory support, consulting, and safety monitoring for your project.
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  • Early Metabolic Markers Of The Development Of Dysglycemia And Type 2 Diabetes And Their Physiological Significance

    Metabolomic screening of fasting plasma from nondiabetic subjects identified alpha-hydroxybutyrate (AHB) and linoleoyl-glycerophosphocholine (L-GPC) as joint markers of insulin resistance (IR) and glucose intolerance.

  • Oncology Medical Imaging Expertise Sheet

    In oncology, there are many imaging endpoints based on the assessment of tumor size or function. These endpoints include disease-free survival, objective response rate, time to progression, progression-free survival and time to treatment failure. 

  • Imaging For Oncology Trial

     ICON Medical Imaging provides medical imaging solutions for clinical trials to the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries around the globe.

  • ICON Clinical Development Overview

    ICON is one of the world’s largest providers of outsourced development services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. We specialise in the strategic development, management and analysis of programs that support clinical development - from compound selection to Phase I-IV clinical studies.

  • Phase IV & Peri-Approval Solutions

    ICON Clinical Research is a division of ICON plc which specializes in the planning, management, execution and analysis of Phase IIB-IV clinical trials, ranging from small studies to complex multinational projects.

  • Therapeutic Expertise: Neuroscience & CNS Datasheet PRA is a leader in the clinical research industry, providing innovative solutions for CNS drug development.
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