Ed Miseta

Ed Miseta

Ed Miseta is chief editor for the website Clinical Leader, executive editor for Life Science Leader magazine, conference chair for Clinical Leader Forum, and host of Clinical Leader Live. Ed studied Business Economics at The Pennsylvania State University and also holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Ed has been a writer for more than 12 years and has been covering clinical research since January 2013. Ed spent 10 years in banking and investments and also taught economics at Penn State for 8 years. In his current position, Ed interviews clinical executives from pharmaceutical and biotech companies and shares their insights with readers. His primary focus is on best practices, challenges faced and overcome, clinical trends, partnering, and implementing new technologies. He has also moderated numerous speaker panels at industry conferences and trade shows.


  • Former Novartis CEO: Cell And Gene Therapies Will Drive Innovation

    Joe Jimenez joined Novartis as division head of Consumer Health. A few months later, he was asked to run the pharmaceutical division. Shortly after his promotion to CEO, Novartis was the first company to pursue a CAR T therapy. Today, Jimenez marvels at the innovation taking place in the industry, and believes cell and gene therapies will drive future development. 

  • Success In HIV Treatments Creates Additional Challenges For Drug Developers

    HIV drug developers have a whole new set of challenges, including making the regimens simpler better tolerated. In addition, since today’s patients can access these medicines through pharmacies, they no longer have the incentive to take part in clinical studies.

  • Janssen Uses A Dashboard To Monitor Patient Engagement Progress

    Changing the culture within a large company can be a difficult endeavour. That is certainly true when trying to make your company and your clinical trials more patient centric. Janssen is one of many pharma companies attempting to get the voice of patients more incorporated into product development and trial designs.

  • Pfizer Vaccine Trial Focuses On Pregnant Women

    According to Dr. Judith Absalon, senior medical director in vaccines clinical research and development at Pfizer, vaccinating pregnant women goes back several decades. Still, we seem to be amid a new frontier in vaccine innovation. Pfizer is working on an investigational vaccine designed to protect unborn infants against GBS infection.

  • Will Virtual Trials Mean The End Of CROs?

    Virtual trials are growing in acceptance. The patient-centric aspect of these trials makes them easier to recruit and retain patients and accelerate timelines, while also providing patient data to researchers in real time. But will virtual trials also mean the end of CROs?

  • Rafael Pharmaceuticals Is Starving Cancer Cells

    While many other oncology companies are focused on the development of targeted immuno-oncology therapies, Rafael Pharmaceuticals is working on a cancer metabolism drug that has the potential to revolutionize cancer treatment. Its primary objective is to produce anti-cancer agents that have minimal toxic effects on normal cells and tissues.

  • Less Cumbersome Trials Will Reduce Clinical Costs & Timelines

    Antony Loebel, president and CEO for Sunovion Pharmaceuticals, will be a featured speaker at the upcoming 2019 CNS Summit. In this Q&A, Loebel discusses CNS innovation, balancing the needs of clinical stakeholders, and the biggest changes we can expect over the next 10 years.

  • BERG Invests In Biology And AI To Drive New Cures

    A 2017 report published by Deloitte concluded that much of the current stagnation in drug discovery is due to the industry’s limited understanding of the fundamental molecular mechanisms of disease. Dr. Niven Narain, co-founder, president, and CEO of BERG believes getting a handle on those mechanisms is vital to producing more effective therapies in a shorter amount of time.

  • Can Pharma Move Us From Sick Care To Healthy Care?

    Ian M. Marks, VP R&D Innovation, GSK Consumer Healthcare, will be a featured speaker at the upcoming 2019 CNS Summit. In this Q&A, Marks discusses AI, machine learning, virtual trials, and how innovation will help pharma move from “making us better” to “keeping us well.”

  • The 6 “Musts” Of Clinical Trial Contracting

    Bella Sessoms has spent most of her career negotiating sponsor-CRO budgets and contracts. In her current position as director, contracts and outsourcing at Astellas Pharma, she leads a team of outsourcing managers who prepare vendor and site contracts. Below are the six efforts Sessoms believes you must undertake to make your contracting endeavor a success.

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