From The Editor | December 14, 2016

Clinical Leader Strengthens Editorial Advisory Board

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Ed Miseta

By Ed Miseta, Chief Editor, Clinical Leader
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Clinical Leader Strengthens Editorial Advisory Board

Erie, PA – Clinical Leader, the pharmaceutical industry’s leading online resource for clinical trial analysis and opinion, is dedicated to streamlining the clinical research process by connecting trial sponsors with cutting edge service providers to speed medicines to patients. Our goal is to facilitate connections and improve collaborations by providing valuable information on CROs, sponsors, and advancements in clinical trials.

To ensure readers receive content that is timely and valuable, Clinical Leader relies on the feedback of pharma industry professionals and consultants to guide its focus and direction. Our Editorial Advisory Board, composed of consultants and executives from the pharmaceutical industry, helps guide the direction and focus of our editorial content.

Clinical Leader is proud to announce eight distinguished industry executives were added to the board in 2016:

Michelle Berg, VP of Patient Advocacy, Abeona Therapeutics

Karen Brooks, Senior Director, Clinical Operations, Adare Pharmaceuticals

William Daley, VP, Medical Affairs, Sanofi US

Beth Harper, President, Clinical Performance Partners

Lan Huang, Chairman, CEO, and Founder, BeyondSpring Pharmaceuticals

Julian Jenkins, VP and Head of Innovation, GSK Pharmaceuticals R&D

Gur Roshwalb, CEO, Akari Therapeutics

Tom Zindrick, President and CEO, Genelux Corp.

The inaugural Clinical Leader editorial advisory board was launched in December 2014. The complete editorial advisory board can be seen here.

Clinical Leader thanks all of these professionals for agreeing to serve and we look forward to working with all of these individuals to ensure our content continues to provide readers with actionable information that will help make their clinical trials more successful.

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