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07.10.24 -- Does The Feasibility Process Differ For Rare Diseases Vs. Common Diseases?


Patient recruitment and retention is a multi-faceted, critical component of clinical trial success. Diversity, timeliness, enrollment, reimbursement, logistics, engagement – where do you start? On August 7th, hear from industry-leading suppliers ready to answer that question – and help solve your specific recruitment and retention challenges. The Clinical Leader Solutions Expo brings you its latest virtual event to help facilitate partnerships that bring life-saving therapies to patients. Register, ask questions, and find your best-fit solution for free.


Post-Pandemic Planning: Direct-To-Patient Supply Chain Management

UCB Vice President – Head of Global Clinical Science and Operations Tero Laulajainen gets us up to speed on direct-to-patient (DTP) trials and how UCB is leveraging it today.

Can Mobile Visits Attract And Keep More Children In Clinical Trials?

As sponsors face regulatory pressure to include more pediatric patients in trials, could mobile nurse visits help them enroll more patients from this underrepresented group? Get the answer to this question, here.


Does The Feasibility Process Differ For Rare Diseases Vs. Common Diseases?

Mimi Ermens, senior director, clinical development operations, global feasibility and start-up support, at CSL Behring answers a question from the audience about whether there is a difference in how you should approach the feasibility process when dealing with rare diseases vs. common diseases.

Unveiling The Potential Of Antibody-Drug Conjugates

Get the inside scoop on how targeted therapies are evolving through clinical trials, new uses, and groundbreaking research.

Proactive Strategies To Evaluate And Mitigate Clinical Supply Risk

Learn strategies for understanding risk assessment and addressing protocol requirements, drug characteristics, packaging specifications, and patient compliance concerns.

3 IRT Tactics Being Used To Streamline Supply Logistics

Shipping and storing leading-edge therapeutics require complex logistics, but enhanced automation and process simplification ensure that sites and patients have the drugs they need when they need them.

Global Regulatory Excellence Throughout Clinical Development

Navigating the intricate global regulatory path is crucial for clinical development success. See how expert-backed support has consistently propelled sponsors toward regulatory excellence.


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