News | September 16, 2020

Florence Healthcare Supports Pfizer's COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Trials With Extensive Connectivity Platform

Today, Florence announced a collaboration with Pfizer to support a global Phase 2/3 COVID-19 vaccine study. Florence is the largest site and sponsor connectivity platform in the industry, with more than 7,200 research sites and 18,000 research professionals leveraging the platform across 27 countries. This extensive network of connectivity supports the COVID-19 trial by ensuring research can continue and thrive in a digital capacity, as onsite visits and collaboration are restricted due to the pandemic.

In addition to a vast network of connectivity, Florence is uniquely equipped to support the advancement of COVID-19 vaccine trials due to its advanced suite of products. With support from Florence’s Remote Site Monitoring Module, coupled with the use of eBinders, Pfizer was able to accelerate remote site access as it commenced a global safety and efficacy clinical trial of an mRNA-based vaccine candidate against SARS-CoV-2 in July 2020.

“We’re very proud to work with Pfizer on this vital trial,” says Ryan Jones, CEO of Florence. “It’s meaningful work to be able to support a company that’s at the forefront of innovation for the benefit of the global community. We will continue our support to help ensure Pfizer has everything it needs from a clinical trial software perspective to be successful.”

“Florence’s platform is helping us to respond to the changing environment due to COVID-19 and further progress COVID-19 research with the capability to perform remote monitoring where approved by regulatory authorities and ethics committees,” said Rob Goodwin, Vice President and Head of the Operations Center of Excellence in Global Product Development at Pfizer.


Based in Atlanta, Florence is the leading platform for remote connectivity and electronic document workflow management in clinical research and is considered the industry standard with more than 7,200 research sites in 26 countries, sponsors and CROs collaborating on its network. Florence advances clinical trials through software for managing document and data flow between research sites and sponsors. Florence solutions foster 25% faster start-up time and 40% reduced document cycle time, among other benefits. To learn about advancing research through collaboration, visit

Source: Florence Healthcare