Newsletter | June 18, 2024

06.18.24 -- Future-Proof Your Clinical Trials

4 Ways To Increase Diversity In Clinical Trials

Diversity gaps in clinical trials pose significant healthcare challenges, impacting minority groups' treatment understanding and access. Overcoming historical barriers requires proactive diversity strategies integrated across trial lifecycles, fostering equitable participation and improved outcomes. This eBook offers insights for sponsors and CROs to achieve this goal.


10 Data Linkage Use Cases To Future-Proof Your Clinical Trial

Integrating clinical trial data with real-world data can revolutionize medical research and patient care. Medidata Link addresses privacy concerns and data fragmentation with advanced tokenization, enabling secure data linkage. This eBook explores ten innovative use cases demonstrating its potential to enhance clinical trials.


Shorten The Path: From Discovery To Approval Of Novel Therapies

In the race to bring novel therapies to market, the journey from discovery to approval is fraught with challenges. Medidata Trial Design offers a solution, utilizing historical trial data and real-life examples to expedite the process. Explore its impact through five compelling case studies.


How Medidata Link Is Supporting Moderna's RWD Linkage Initiatives

Discover how Moderna's innovative approach, connecting clinical trial data with real-world data through Medidata Link, amplifies insights into treatment outcomes, facilitating access to life-saving therapies. Early results from the ROSE study indicate promising participant engagement and high consent rates, showcasing the feasibility and growing interest in this transformative methodology.



Unlock Insights With Synthetic Clinical Trial Data

Get an overview of this groundbreaking synthetic data product – uniquely derived from Medidata’s exclusive repository of global, standardized historical clinical trial data, containing data over 30,000 cross-sponsor trials and nine million patients.

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Synthetic Control Arm®: The Smart External Control Arm

Medidata AI is uniquely positioned at the nexus of historical clinical trial and real world data. Our Synthetic Control Arm® (SCA) solution can bring significant value to your company’s trials and ultimately help to increase the probability of overall success of your key pipeline assets.

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