Case Study

How A Top CRO Used ClinCard To Create A Personalized Patient Experience For A Non-interventional Psoriasis Study

Source: Greenphire
450 x 300 patient doctor patient recruitment

One of the industry’s top patient-centered CROs has been supporting an industry leading sponsor in conducting a non-interventional Psoriasis study since 2007. In this study, participants were asked to take surveys, either while at the clinic or at home for submission in the mail. The participants received a stipend in the mail weeks or sometimes months after the submission. 

This type of surveying limits the interaction and connection that the participant has with the study. It is difficult to establish long-term participant engagement in these types of trials considering the minimal contact between the site and subjects. Sites would send thank you notes and certificates of completion but wanted to make the experience more engaging and personal for continued participation.  The CRO realized that they needed to introduce new ways to keep participants engaged and interested if they were going to successfully support this trial.