Greenphire is the leader in global clinical trial payment automation. Greenphire’s best-in-class solutions optimize clinical trial performance by streamlining payment workflows from sponsors and CROs to sites and participants. Greenphire’s ClinCard, eClinicalGPS and ConneX solutions easily handle any type of trial design and complexity, resulting in more accurate and compliant payments and travel globally for both sites and participants. The choice of industry leaders worldwide, Greenphire provides better performance and better data, resulting in better trials. Learn more at www.greenphire.com.



Greenphire's EnvisiX solution is a budget build and negotiation tool that enables sponsors and CROs to effectively and efficiently build a study budget. The tool provides a streamlined and controlled workflow for budget negotiation for sponsors and CROs with complete transparency and management of rates, adjustments, adjudications, approvals and more.

ConneX is a global travel solution providing in-market services and support, designed to meet the unique travel needs of each study, whether it be for rare disease, diverse populations, pediatrics, etc. Our offering removes the burden of complex travel arrangement from site staff, while peace of mind is established for participants, their families and caregivers.

With more than 7 million payments, ClinCard is the industry-leading method for automated participant payments, delivering unmatched simplicity, security, and global reach.

eClinicalGPS is designed to automate and streamline clinical site payments, getting sites paid faster and more accurately with less administrative burden. Configured


Learn how the acquisition of Clincierge further strengthens Greenphire’s ability to improve the patient journey, reinforcing its commitment to offer flexibility, simplicity, and peace of mind for patients and sites.

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Review the historical struggles of oncology research due to financial toxicity, what industry initiatives are breaking barriers, and ongoing D.C. advocacy for lower patient stipend taxes.

Unearth how ConneX simplifies participant retention and engagement by aligning travel arrangements with study and participant needs, all while adhering to sponsor policies and requirements.

Watch as industry experts discuss real-world challenges that participants face over the course of a clinical trial and the potential improvements that could make or break a patient's experience.

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