Greenphire is the leader in global clinical trial payment automation. Greenphire’s best-in-class solutions optimize clinical trial performance by streamlining payment workflows from sponsors and CROs to sites and participants. Greenphire’s ClinCard, eClinicalGPS and ConneX solutions easily handle any type of trial design and complexity, resulting in more accurate and compliant payments and travel globally for both sites and participants. The choice of industry leaders worldwide, Greenphire provides better performance and better data, resulting in better trials. Learn more at www.greenphire.com.


Greenphire's EnvisiX solution is a budget build and negotiation tool that enables sponsors and CROs to effectively and efficiently build a study budget. The tool provides a streamlined and controlled workflow for budget negotiation for sponsors and CROs with complete transparency and management of rates, adjustments, adjudications, approvals and more.

ConneX is a global travel solution providing in-market services and support, designed to meet the unique travel needs of each study, whether it be for rare disease, diverse populations, pediatrics, etc. Our offering removes the burden of complex travel arrangement from site staff, while peace of mind is established for participants, their families and caregivers.

With more than 7 million payments, ClinCard is the industry-leading method for automated participant payments, delivering unmatched simplicity, security, and global reach.

eClinicalGPS is designed to automate and streamline clinical site payments, getting sites paid faster and more accurately with less administrative burden. Configured


Listen in as subject matter experts discuss three key components of a successful patient convenience strategy.

Learn about the keys to successful clinical trials, the challenges which plague trial finances from budgeting through payment execution, and how financial automation benefits all clinical trial stakeholders.

Learn what sites, CROs, and patient advocacy groups are doing to make clinical trials accessible to the most at-risk patients, and the solutions that can maximize diverse clinical trial enrollment.

This summer Greenphire conducted its annual Market Research Survey. Sponsors, CROs and sites weighed in on the future of clinical research. 

Interested in learning about how technology can help improve participant engagement and retention, reduce site administrative burdens and increase financial transparency? This video is an introduction to Greenphire’s suite of ‘Patient Convenience’ solutions.

Interested in learning about how technology can optimize the financial lifecycle of your clinical trial? Explore Greenphire’s suite of ‘Budgeting and Payment' solutions in this video.

Have you considered how a suite of fintech solutions could improve your patient retention, create more transparency and boost site satisfaction? Learn about what Greenphire can do for you in the available video.

In this interview Greenphire CEO, Jim Murphy, sits down with ClinBiz Founder and CEO, Debora Araujo to discuss critical challenges related to clinical trial planning and startup.

Dr. John Whyte of WebMD was recently interviewed by Greenphire CEO Jim Murphy at the Greenphire Patient Convenience Summit:  “I believe we should be compensating patients to participate in clinical trials; we need to do it universally, systematically, not hit or miss.”  Hear how these change agents envision improving access to clinical research to enable fair and equitable participation. 

Clinical research has faced unexpected challenges over the past couple of years. From those challenges have come exciting change and innovation. This webinar offers a breakdown of some of the top industry trends and topics - from site support and communication to decentralized clinical trials, data privacy and more.



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