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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Clinical Leader Top 3 Articles For November 2016

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Ed Miseta

By Ed Miseta, Chief Editor, Clinical Leader
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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Clinical Leader Top 3 Articles For February 2016

Below are my top three articles downloaded on Clinical Leader for the month of November 2016. In case you missed them, please take this opportunity to see what everyone else was learning about the growing clinical staff shortage, how Lilly is helping physicians become researchers, and how Duke and PatientsLikeMe are bringing a novel approach to ALS trials.    

Clinical Staff Shortage: "Growing Plague" For Pharma & CROs

BioPharm Insight (BPI) released its Contract Research Organization (CRO) Report for the third quarter of 2016. Based on the results, PRA Health Science, INC Research, Covance, and several sponsors all have reason to celebrate their trial activity. However, based on the study’s bad news around personnel, the celebration might be short lived. 

Lilly Makes It Easier For Physicians To Become Investigators

As the global head of clinical innovation for Eli Lilly and Company, Katherine Vandebelt knows there are many things pharma needs to do better if it hopes to get needed medicines to patients faster. “It’s very important for patients to have someone available to take that journey with them,” she noted recently at the Disruptive Innovations Conference in Boston. “Patients need someone to help care for them, and generally that person will be their physician.”

PatientsLikeMe And Duke Bring Novel Approach To ALS Trial

ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease in the U.S., is a neurological condition typically affecting adults in their 50s or 60s. “This is a terrible condition and an incredible burden for family members and caregivers as well,” says Paul Wicks, VP of Innovation for PatientsLikeMe. “For that reason, patients are highly motivated to take part in research. Unfortunately, there are not that many trials for them to participate in.”

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