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Industry Leading Biotechnology Company Automates Clinical Payments Enterprise-Wide With eClinicalGPS

Source: Greenphire
EHRs With Clinical Decision Support Provide Better Care

The largest independent biotech in the world is committed to unlocking the potential of biology for patients suffering from serious illnesses by discovering, developing & manufacturing innovative therapeutics.

In support of this mission, this Sponsor is increasing both the number and complexity of clinical trials being conducted around the world. As protocol complexities increase, there are more global requirements and contracts being impacted. This includes the need to support data transparency reporting requirements along with an increased expectation for their team to work within numerous technology solutions to support a top-performing trial while minimizing risk. These factors have placed a significant importance on payment processes.

The clinical trial landscape is not the only trend impacting payments. The increasing capabilities and availability of specialized, scalable solutions, the movement to SaaS, and maturing of payment solutions are becoming more relevant for large pharmaceutical companies.

The limitations of the Sponsor’s existing processes were impacting their sites as well as their business. The clinical sites were suffering from resource constraints, spending valuable time dealing with payment discrepancies. They also were suffering from the inability to predict income, uncertain of when a payment was going to arrive.

The Sponsor was facing difficulties with tracking payment details, critical for financial transparency and requirement details. There was a limited number of resources supporting payment tasks that were creating delays in study activities. Most importantly, the sponsor’s reputation and credibility with site partners was being impacted.

Read how eClinicalGPS played an integral role in their mission to modernize clinical investigator payment processes.

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