Article | April 27, 2018

Investigator Site Turnover: The Importance Of CRO Support

Source: Greenphire

By Dave Espenshade, Vice President of CRO Partnerships, Greenphire

Investigator Site Turnover: The Importance Of CRO Support

How to offer superior value-add by enhancing a site’s clinical trial experience for improved outcomes, strengthening the relationship and positioning sites for future trial success.

Abstract - CROs invest a great deal of time, effort and money into discovering and grooming investigator sites to conduct clinical trials. While this is a challenging task, CROs face an even larger hurdle in retaining those sites whom they have recruited. All too often this effort falls short, and the site ceases to participate in further trials.

Turnover typically occurs at the hands of naïve sites who are not fully prepared for the commitment required to execute a clinical trial. Sites often don’t have a proper understanding of how to balance between everyday activities and study requirements.  One major hurdle is the site payments process, which can lead to overwhelming administrative burdens and financial distress, particularly for naïve sites. As the clinical trial expert, CROs can leverage their experience to provide suggestions for how to streamline the payment workflow to reduce administrative headaches and improve efficiency.