Newsletter | May 17, 2024

05.17.24 -- It's Crucial Role: Development Risk Management Plans For Small Clinical-Stage Companies


How Can We Improve Clinical Trial Feasibility Processes?

Clinical Leader Live uncovers how experts work to overcome frustrations in the feasibility and site selection process for clinical trials. Hear from speakers from J&J Innovative Medicines, Takeda, and CSL Behring on ways they’ve been able to improve the feasibility assessment process. Reserve your spot today for this May 30th digital event. Registration is free thanks to the support of inSeption Group.


Unveiling The Imminent Future Of Clinical Data Science: A Comprehensive Insight

What is the future of research technology, and how does its success hinge on risk-based methodologies, AI, complex protocol designs, and DCTs? Gain insight into these questions, here.

Breaking The Mold: How R Is Revolutionizing CSR Generation

The open-source statistical programming language R is becoming more popular in the life sciences sector for clinical study report submissions due to its cost-effectiveness, inclusivity, and collaboration.

Medical Information Teams Embrace Artificial Intelligence

Global biopharma companies are looking for ways to increase awareness and engage healthcare professionals seeking medical information. Explore why many see AI as a big part of the solution.

Applied AI For Enhanced Data Operations

Explore practical AI applications to enhance clinical trial operations through improved data interoperability, automation, and data surveillance.

Are You Leveraging All Of Your Clinical Data?

To develop and execute a successful clinical strategy, trial sponsors must be able to rapidly acquire detailed data insights. Learn how you can better utilize your trial data and achieve greater insights.

Cutting Red Tape: Direct Data Capture In Clinical Trials

Say goodbye to duplicate work in clinical trials. Discover how Direct Data Capture revolutionizes research, benefiting patients, sponsors, and sites while streamlining processes.


The Crucial Role Of Risk Management Plans For Small Clinical-Stage Companies

For small clinical-stage companies, developmental risk management plans are not a regulatory requirement but a strategic imperative to proactively manage risks.

The Key To Compliance, Patient Safety, And Risk Based Monitoring

eClinical technologies are becoming more commonplace in drug development. Uncover how digital solutions are helping sponsors improve efficiency and accuracy within their clinical trials.


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