Brochure | May 28, 2020

LabConnect - Connecting You To Your Clinical Trial Goals

Source: LabConnect

The importance of appropriate sample management is undeniable for clinical research support. While data today fuels clinical studies, drug discovery, identification of novel biomarkers, disease prognosis, and patient-centric healthcare, the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries continue to struggle with this information explosion and transparency required for streamlining clinical trial operations and biological specimen analysis to meet their study endpoints. As a result, clinical researchers are often left wondering which of their laboratories spread across different continents have their samples, or whether they have been collected or processed. Moreover, with the increasing focus on biomarker analysis and precision medicine, sample collection and maintenance  requirements of central laboratories have become more complex. Most clinical research organizations are also restricted by the complex logistics challenges of samples associated with multinational trials that focus on the timely arrival of a patient specimen. These challenges reduce the study team’s productivity, delay trial execution, and pose significant regulatory compliance risks.

LabConnect is changing this industry narrative by making the complex sample tracking component of clinical trials seamless and more efficient. When it comes to providing central laboratory support services for logistically and analytically complex studies, LabConnect is a class by itself. As the name suggests, LabConnect connects clients to their goals through its industry-leading sample management services. The company is leading the way in the evolution of central lab services and has developed comprehensive and integrated laboratory services that the industry can rely on. “What makes us unique is our ability to leverage our strategic lab network—a global network of 35 labs that we have partnered with to deliver laboratory services and solutions to pharma and biotech companies. We have standardized, harmonized, and normalized the data coming from these labs to provide the broadest range of testing—over 5,000 tests—available in the marketplace,” says Tom Sellig, CEO, LabConnect. “We’ve been in this space for over a decade, listening to our clients and acknowledging the needs of the
industry. As the industry shifts to become more patient-centric, we are enabling the required transparency to drive faster data analysis and decisionmaking.”

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