Case Study

Midlantic Urology Associates Introduces Added Convenience For Patients With Rideshare Program

Source: Greenphire

By Zach Hales, Product Manager of ClinCard, Greenphire

Patient At Doctor

Travel arrangement is becoming a key point of focus in clinical research – an area that often creates hurdles for sites and participants. In fact, according to NIH, “50% of participants cite that transportation in clinical trials is a barrier to retention”. Often, travel in clinical research is associated with studies that require participants to travel long distances and stay for extended periods of time - including flights, car services, hotels, etc.

One organization, Midlantic Urology Associates, was experiencing similar hardships. They had been employing a single driver for all participant pick-ups. This proved to be inefficient and unsustainable, so they began utilizing taxis. This alternative was costly and unreliable – there had to be a better way.