Newsletter | June 17, 2024

06.17.24 -- MS Research In Black And Hispanic/Latinx Communities Reveals Wants, Needs


Site Selection Directly Impacts Diverse Patient Enrollment In Rare Disease

Adaptive Research Inc.'s Deepak Behera, MD and Melissa Andrews make the case for community trial sites as the go-to source for ensuring more diverse patient populations in rare disease clinical trials.

Driving ROI: The Business Case For A Financial Transformation Solution

Learn how comprehensive financial transformation solutions address budgeting and site payment challenges, drive value across the study lifecycle, and deliver operational and business benefits.

Q&A About Bristol Myers Squibb’s Consolidated Site Payments Strategy

How do payment systems affect site-sponsor relationships? George Kourtsounis of Bristol Myers Squibb and Casey Orvin of CenExel Clinical Research lend their expertise to this question and more.

The Value Of Medidata: Customer Testimonials

Examine how Medidata's unified platform has impacted various industry leaders' experiences, serving as a trusted partner in driving innovation and supporting clinical trials.


The Best Advice I Ever Got: Embracing Patient Centricity

To commemorate Clinical Trials Day 2024, Clinical Leader heard from those most invested in and concerned with keeping the patient as the focus.

Evaluating 'Bother’ As A Component Of Patient-Reported Outcomes

Discover how incorporating "bother" as a patient-reported outcome metric aligns research with real-world experiences and drug development with patient needs.

Can Patient-Led Clinical Trial Design Save Neurology Research?

What is causing high fail rates, and what are the best opportunities for sponsors to turn them around? See how understanding the factors can help sponsors navigate and improve outcomes.

Are Your Mobile Research Nurses Adequately Trained On GCP?

In mobile clinical trials, nurses are crucial in patient recruitment, screening, enrollment, data collection, and monitoring. Ensuring they're adequately trained in good clinical practice is essential.


MS Research In Black And Hispanic/Latinx Communities Reveals Wants, Needs

Two multiple sclerosis experts discuss the implications of a first-ever clinical trial by Genentech designed exclusively to broaden the understanding of MS in Black and Hispanic/Latinx people.

How Community-Based Trials Can Deliver Diverse Patient Engagement

From going directly to a patient’s home to facilitating a trial at a local hospital, see how healthcare professionals are making it easier to engage participants in clinical studies.

Scout Clinical Patient Services

Trial success begins with anticipating patient needs. Get an overview of Scout Clinical's flexible, personalized services in patient travel, stipends, reimbursements, lodging, and more.


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