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07.08.24 -- New Law Expected To Boost Clinical Research In Brazil


Patient recruitment and retention is a multi-faceted, critical component of clinical trial success. Diversity, timeliness, enrollment, reimbursement, logistics, engagement – where do you start? On August 7th, hear from industry-leading suppliers ready to answer that question – and help solve your specific recruitment and retention challenges. The Clinical Leader Solutions Expo brings you its latest virtual event to help facilitate partnerships that bring life-saving therapies to patients. Register, ask questions, and find your best-fit solution for free.


New Law Expected To Boost Clinical Research In Brazil

Approved in May 2024, Law 14.874/24 aims to streamline the assessment process for clinical trials, reduce bureaucratic obstacles, and improve assessment predictability in Brazil.

Operational Innovations That Enhance Site-Sponsor Collaboration

Overcome obstacles associated with collaboration that, when left unaddressed, lead to site selection and patient enrollment issues for sponsors and operational challenges for sites.

One Home For Sites Partnership Program Guide

When sponsors of trials adopt IQVIA One Home for Sites, they reduce the burden on their clinical research sites and on their own organizations.

NextGen Participant Engagement Platform

Uncover how the GreenSpace platform can address delays in trial timelines by overcoming insufficient recruitment and retention efforts.


4 Tips For Diverse Recruiting In Dermatologic Clinical Trials

Diverse patient recruitment in dermatologic clinical trials is imperative for addressing health disparities and advancing equitable care. Alain Michon, MD defines those disparities, describes why they exist, and offers four tips for offering underserved patients better care.

Accelerate Clinical Development With Patient-Centered Digital Measures

Discover how partnering with a trusted and experienced technology provider can help to overcome barriers associated with the collection and management of large-scale digital data.

Benefits Of A Patient-Centric Design In Oncology Trials

Examine how allowing for patient flexibility during decentralized clinical trial visits can improve an oncology study's results while meeting legal, compliance, and quality regulations.


Going Beyond Generative AI And Templates To Create Informed Consent Documents

Informed consent documents (ICDs) should be easy to understand. More often, they are long and complex. Consultant Kamila Novak details how to create ICDs that actually meet patients' needs.

Patient Diversity: Challenges, Opportunities, And Best Practices

By embracing patient diversity and FDA guidance, stakeholders can improve trust, engagement, data reliability, patient outcomes, and public health.

Streamlining Global Participant Support And Payments

Explore targeted strategies for tackling the complexities of international payments and providing comprehensive participant support in global vaccine trials.


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