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04.09.24 -- Selecting Clinical Trial Technology: Quick Tips And Hot Takes


In this segment from Clinical Leader's Solutions Expo: EDC Showcase, Jan Breemans, Senior Director of Global Solutions at Signant Health, presents novel applications for EDC in modern trial designs. Watch the full presentation to learn how the SmartSignals Unified Platform can enhance data capture and trial management, simplifying the process for users.


Quick Tips And Hot Takes For Selecting Clinical Trial Technology

Avoid inefficient decision-making that keeps key downstream activities in limbo and select a new clinical trial technology efficiently with this technology selection guide.

Unify Your Data With A Centralized eClinical Platform

Despite the challenges associated with large volumes of data, maintaining quality and compliance, and enhancing patient engagement, the solutions for managing them can be simple and efficient.

Top 5 Ways To Leverage eLogs In Clinical Research

Unearth how embracing these specific approaches ensures that technology becomes a true ally in enhancing precision, accessibility, and collaboration within the intricate realm of clinical research.

Optimizing ePRO Integration With Castor Connect

Gather data directly from the patient — the true source. Empower your team to streamline data collection, making it faster and easier for everyone involved.

Medical Device Trial Integration

Each device presents a distinctive challenge that demands precision at every turn. Learn how we can help to revolutionize your medical device trial journey.

Patient Data: The Backbone Of Your Clinical Trial

In clinical trials, data capture is typically centered around patients’ experiences with a drug. Discover why electronic clinical outcome assessments (eCOAs) are essential to patient data capture.

10 Reasons Your eClinical Plans Should Include iMednet EDC

Uncover the top 10 reasons why your eClinical plans should include iMednet, from its adaptability and cost-effectiveness to its exceptional support and full suite of native tools.

Unified Platform Solutions For Phase 1 Clinical Trials

Phase 1 clinical trials need technological solutions that support rapid implementation and end-to-end processes. Signant’s unified eClinical platform provides the perfect partner for Phase 1 research.


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