Article | August 9, 2017

The Connected Trial Management System

Source: ERT

By Brion Regan, Product Manager, ERT

The Connected Trial Management System

How data are managed is just as critical to the success of a clinical trial as recruiting the right patients and monitoring trial risks. A powerhouse clinical trial management system (CTMS) can be seen as a valuable addition to the clinical trial team, one that brings unrivaled cost savings and efficiencies to the table.

As today’s clinical trials grow in scope, geographical reach and complexity, outdated trial management processes are no longer equipped to handle the vast amount of data being produced on a daily —  if not hourly —  basis. Imagine going through the checkout line at the grocery store and instead of watching the cashier electronically scan each product, you must wait patiently as she reads and manually records each product’s UPC symbol. Not only is this approach time-consuming, but it introduces the potential for human error. This concept applies to clinical trial management, as well.

Clinical research organizations (CROs) are increasingly responsible for a broad range of study management activities, and outdated CTMS simply cannot keep pace. As a result, study teams are burdened with unnecessary manual tasks and workarounds that ultimately prevent the development of smart work solutions.