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07.03.24 -- Umbrella? Basket? Discover 4 Types of Adaptive Clinical Trials And Their Benefits


Patient recruitment and retention is a multi-faceted, critical component of clinical trial success. Diversity, timeliness, enrollment, reimbursement, logistics, engagement – where do you start? On August 7th, hear from industry-leading suppliers ready to answer that question – and help solve your specific recruitment and retention challenges. The Clinical Leader Solutions Expo brings you its latest virtual event to help facilitate partnerships that bring life-saving therapies to patients. Register, ask questions, and find your best-fit solution for free.


Umbrella? Basket? Discover 4 Types of Adaptive Clinical Trials And Their Benefits

Adaptive clinical trials offer flexibility when traditional trial designs, like RCTs, can't. Consultant Jessica Cordes details four types of adaptive design and the perks of each.

What Data Needs To Be Shared?

Nick Palumbo of Takeda explains that feasibility in clinical trials must be a “two-way street” between the sponsor and sites. He and Mimi Ermens (CSL Behring) discuss the essential questions and data each stakeholder needs to share.

‘Diabesitology’: Novel Trial Designs In The GLP-1 Axis Medications Era

Find out how today’s FDA-approved obesity medications are primed to become tomorrow’s novel treatments across multidimensional states of disease — from diabetes to heart failure.

Build Your Diversity Action Plan With AI And Patient Insights

Discover how AI and patient insights can help you build a compliant Diversity Action Plan and overcome barriers to achieve diverse clinical trial enrollment.

Navigating The Complex Oncology Landscape: Rethinking Trial Strategy

In the clinical trial space, it's important to stay informed about global oncology trends impacting sponsors. Utilize these valuable insights to strategically enhance your clinical study approach.

Study Oversight And Analytics

Explore how organizations can better visualize, analyze, and distribute aggregated and harmonized data to support study oversight, data analyses, and clinical reporting needs.


Data Analysts: AI Isn't Replacing You — It's Boosting Your Efficiency And Effectiveness

Beneath the buzz around AI's potential in clinical trials lies a common fear: will machines replace jobs? To explore this, I decided to ask an expert — a machine.

Mobile Research Units Enable Large Volume Screenings

See how recruitment and screening of potential patients was made possible for a Phase 3, adult patients, clinical trial by utilizing MRUs to screen large volumes of patients at community events.


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