Newsletter | April 10, 2024

04.10.24 -- Why Jane Myles Believes DCTs Are "Completely Doable"


Understanding The Key Differences Between EAPs And ISTs

Expanded Access Programs (EAPs) and Investigator-Sponsored Trials (ISTs) are pivotal, granting access to investigational therapies. Recognizing their distinctions from traditional trials is crucial for investigational medicine and supply chains, ensuring efficient operations.

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy - Global Clinical Trial Landscape (2024)

Explore how this comprehensive approach can offer hope for improved outcomes and quality of life for DMD patients, highlighting global commitment to tackling this complex disorder.

4 Insights For 2024: An Interview With Ken Getz And Jim Murphy

Watch this presentation to gain a comprehensive understanding of the future direction of clinical trials and the latest developments in the industry.

Keeping Up With ClinOps: Why And How To Improve Delivery

Industry experts discuss the concept of a trial platform as a service and how it can accelerate and enhance the day-to-day functions of clinical operations throughout the entire lifecycle of a study.

The Path Forward, Altasciences’ Approach To Project Management

Altasciences offers a unique approach that can lower your costs and reduce program timelines from lead candidate selection to clinical proof-of-concept by up to 40%.


Why Jane Myles Believes DCTs Are “Completely Doable”

If you want to know about how perceptions regarding DCTs are changing, talk with Jane Myles of the Decentralized Trials & Research Alliance (DTRA). As Program Director at DTRA, she is acutely aware of all the challenges and opportunities surrounding anything with the term “decentralized trial.”

4 Ways To Increase Diversity In Clinical Trials

Uncover diversity strategies that encompass every facet of the trial lifecycle, such as the design of a patient-centric experience, proper positioning for regulatory and operational success, and more.


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