Newsletter | April 4, 2024

04.04.24 -- Why The ‘Illusion' Of Speed Unravels As Contracting Demands Scale


Webinar: Safety at the Center – The Synergistic Role of Drug Safety in Clinical Trial Operations

In drug safety and pharmacovigilance, collaboration isn’t just a buzzword—it’s an essential component that can impact patient safety and the success of your product. Join us in this webinar as we highlight the importance of effective interpersonal leadership in your drug safety program and reveal the operational and financial efficiencies that can result from a collaborative dynamic. Click here to learn more.


Informed Consent: Understanding The FDA’s And OHRP’s Joint Draft Guidance

Explore the details of this jointly issued new draft guidance about how sponsors, investigators, and IRBs should structure and present informed consent documents.

What FDA, EMA Discussion Papers Reveal About AI In Clinical Research

Learn how having a comprehensive understanding of regulatory perspectives on AI ethics will prove invaluable for researchers evaluating the integration of AI technology into their trials.

Good Manufacturing Practices: When Do They Apply?

Examine expectations set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration regarding the implementation of current Good Manufacturing Practices standards for investigational drugs.

Achieving Diversity In Clinical Trials Amidst Regulatory Focus

Consider several strategies and best practices for how to enhance diversity in clinical trials and how healthcare can be advanced for all ethnic groups.

Local Affiliate Product Services

Support your local safety needs and drive consistency with global requirements through end-to-end solutions with regulatory-focused medical experts and leading technologies.


Why The ‘Illusion’ Of Speed In Clinical Trials Unravels As Contracting Demands Scale

Discover four mistakes biotechs often make in haste (and how to avoid them) as they hurry through clinical trial contracting on the path to commercilization.

A Deeper Dive On Mitigating Financial Risk Before Selecting A Vendor

In part two of this webinar series, presenters focus on avoiding potential risks such as unexpected budget changes and unplanned change orders that could jeopardize the success of a clinical trial.

Keys To Successfully Implementing FSPs

Delve into the three critical elements for implementing new Functional Service Provider partnerships for streamlining pharmaceutical developments.

APAC Biopharma Companies: Bridge The Gap To The US FDA

Uncover how these regulatory and partner/outsource services are invaluable for biopharma innovators in navigating the U.S. FDA regulatory process.


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