At MRN we understand the complexities of today’s clinical trial environment and the burden this places on patients, clients and sites.

Our services are designed to ease these burdens, from community researchers through to investigator site professional support, accelerating patient recruitment and retention.

We work to maximize the efficiency of clinical trials for drug developers, by improving the patient’s experience, no matter where their community is in the world.



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  • Examine how allowing for patient flexibility during decentralized clinical trial visits can improve an oncology study's results while meeting legal, compliance, and quality regulations.

  • Discover how having complete visits in communities across the globe can lead to a wider diverse demographic of participants.

  • As industry experts, MRN has delivered innovative solutions using specialized expertise and creative approaches, providing in-home clinical trial visits through their Home Trial Support service to over 230 trials.

  • As industry experts in DCT, MRN has delivered innovative solutions using our specialized expertise and creative approaches, providing in-home clinical trial visits through their Home Trial Support service to over 230 trials.

  • By utilizing MRN's extensive experience, global network, and innovative approach, learn how they are helping to deliver efficient, cost-effective, and successful trials wherever the patients live.

  • Sites need to have the resources and expertise in place to allow decentralized clinical trials to run smoothly. Site Professional Support (SPS) service will help you and your sites function efficiently and smoothly for the duration of the study.

  • By conducting trial visits outside of the site, physicians can expand their reach, making drug development more accessible. Read about how MRN's Home Trial Support "HTS" is the engine powering DCTs.